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2024 Concert Preview!

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it's been almost six years since I started this webzine? I've had a blast covering the best in local, regional, and national shows all across the Midwest. I've collaborated with a lot of great writers and photographers, met so many new people, and made tons of friends. I can't wait to see where 2024 takes Stories From The Crowd. There's going to be so many more shows added to this list, but here's a highlight of what's in our sights for the next few months.

Nugz & Friends - Polar Escape

Nugz has become an absolute force in the Omaha music scene. 2023 saw him release a full album All Love Is War and several singles including the absolute banger "Turn It Up" featuring Rysie. Moving up from the smaller Reverb Lounge to the big stage at the Waiting Room, Nugz has put together a stacked lineup including Jimmy on guitar, Forest, Pac Dillon, Playboy Parade, and Jay Lively. Don't forget, DJ Strawstone will be spinning the tunes all night!. You don't want to miss this show. Only $10 in advance. Click that link and get ready for an awesome time!


One of the first big metal shows of the year, I anticipate lots of flames and production that will have everyone at the CHI Center on their feet. Bringing along metalcore masters Falling In Reverse and newcomers Plush, this is sure to be a killer show.


Thursday is bringing their signature post hardcore emo-tinged sound to The Slowdown along with Rival Schools and Keith Buckley's new band Many Eyes. They're celebrating 20 years of War All The Time and playing it in it's entirety. This is one for the ages. Don't miss out on these legends!

Escuela Grind & Friends

Crazy Spanish deathcore and a band called Bonginator? It might be a Monday night, but this show is set to go off! Get there or be square.


What do you do when you when all you want is a sweaty Chino Moreno screaming tonsil-shredding vocals in your face??? You drive to Kansas City and see his electro-punk band Crosses!! I've followed Chino via Deftones for almost 25 years. When he got together with Far guitarist Shaun Lopez and started Crosses of course I took notice. I've never had the opportunity to see them live and I couldn't be more stoked for this one.

Pantera & Lamb of God

As the sun begins to set I watch a scruffy looking dude with an iconic pink goatee and a V shaped guitar step on stage. A deafening crunchy riff rings out and some burly guys next to me start wildly pushing like a pack of feral dogs. I look on as a random fist catches someone's jaw sending them to the grassy floor. I think it's safe to say I'll never forget my first Pantera show.

I know the show in Lincoln on Valentine's Day won't be the original lineup, but with Zakk on guitar and the opening one-two punch of Lamb of God, how could you go wrong??

Go Ahead And Die!

The legendary rocker Max Cavalera is back with an all new band, Go Ahead And Die! As the kids like to say, Max will forever be GOATed to me. His work with Soulfly is still some of my favorite metal music of all time. I'll always remember seeing Soulfly in a cloud of dust and gravel as they closed down the side stage at Ozzfest. Go Ahead And Die has a new album out, Unhealthy Mechanisms if you're looking to pre-game.

Twin Temple

Hail Satan and Americana! Twin Temple is a husband and wife duo from Los Angeles that mixes 50s and 60s style Americana rock with Satanic lyrics. It's a bit campy, but wicked good fun. I had the pleasure of shooting these guys when they opened for Ghost a few years ago and it ruled. Look to have a devilishly great time when they hit the Slowdown stage on Saturday March 9.

Avenged Sevenfold

A lot of fans were split when A7X released their album Life Is But A Dream halfway through 2023. Some folks said it was the greatest thing since sliced bread and some said it was a Sh!t Sandwich. I dipped in and gave it a couple listens. I have to commend them for trying something different and not making City of Evil 2 like a lot of fans want. It's definitely a trip. I look forward to seeing the new songs live, because that's really the best way to see any new music.


Dust off your JNCO jeans and big black boots! I don't have a ton of knowledge on KMFDM outside of they were super popular in the 90s and featured on tons of popular movies and video games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter II, and Bad Boys. To see this legendary industrial band in such an intimate venue like the Waiting Room will surely be a trip back in time.

Glorious Sons

I'm super stoked for this one. I've been wanting to catch the Glorious Sons for a while but my schedule never lined up. As a bonus, Them Dirty Roses is opening the show. I've seen Them Dirty Roses twice now and they are southern fried fun on a bun. Get there early so you don't miss out.

Fall Out Boy

I'm sure there will be a million more good shows announced before the year is over, but for now, this is the big one. The crem de la crem, the piece de resistance, the biggest Emo act the Midwest has ever seen, Fall Out Boy!!! I started listening to Fall Out Boy during the Take This To Your Grave years and not to be a snob, I still think it's their best album. I've followed Fall Out Boy through the Warped Tour days all the way until now with their latest release So Much For Stardust, which I have to say is a true return to form. It's not a complete carbon copy of their earlier works, but an amazing collage made from pieces of their whole discography. Look for Fall Out Boy to serve up all the classics and new cuts from Stardust when they hit the CHI Health Center on Friday, April 5!

Thanks for checking out the 2024 concert preview! Let us know what shows you'll be at. Hit our socials or shoot us a message at


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