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Animals As Leaders Conquer The Slowdown

Photos and Story: Audrey Wright

Editor: Spencer Fleming

With their brand-new album Parrhesia dropping just a week ago March 25th, Animals As Leaders were firing on all cylinders at The Slowdown Saturday night (4/2).

As I walked up to the venue there was quite the line outside to get in. I wrangled my way inside and there was a plethora of people ready to rock out and show their love for the metal scene in Omaha. I made my way to the front with my gear, talked to one of the staff members for awhile, and was finally ready to shoot.

Intervals, an instrumental progressive metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada was the first band up. They really shocked the crowd with their rather melodic sound and upbeat vibes. They were unquestionably unique from any other metal band I have seen perform.

A very chill atmosphere radiated through the venue during their set. A guy from the crowd at one point belted out in the silence “I have been waiting so long to hear that song!”. You could feel the immense gratitude from the members of Intervals when they heard that.

Animals As Leaders entered the stage in a pitch black silence, no intro was needed, the crowd’s cheering was enough. A melodic synth back track began to play, the lights came on, and the crowd went wild. Fresh off the newly released album Parrhesia (3/25), this instrumental progressive metal band from Washington D.C. is taking cities by storm with their North American tour.

After the first three songs I meandered through the crowd taking various perspectives throughout the venue. My favorite place to observe was by far, the balcony.

I witnessed the pure joy on everyone’s faces below as they leaned in closer to hear every note and head bang in appreciation. I think the most rewarding aspect of capturing moments in time is witnessing everyone else enjoy.

Animals As Leaders played through their new album Parrhesia in full before taking an intermission, then rocking the crowd through an extra set of greatest hits. This was surely one show their fans and even newcomers like myself won't soon forget.

I would like to thank The Slowdown, Cosa Nostra PR, everyone on the Animals As Leaders team, and founders of this magazine Spencer and Virginia Fleming.

You can catch these guys on the Parrhesia Tour through the rest of April! Dates listed below:

4.4 - House Of Blues Chicago,IL

4.5- Bogart’s Cincinnati, OH

4.6- Crowfoot Ballroom Pontiac, MI

4.8 Wally’s Pub Hampton, NH

4.9 Mickey’s Black Box Lititz, PA

4.10 Irving Plaza New York, NY

4.11 Brooklyn Bowl Philly Philadelphia, PA

4.12 Big Night Live Boston, MA

4.13 Baltimore Soundstage Baltimore, MD

4.15 Buckhead Theatre Atlanta, GA

4.16 House Of Blues Orlando, FL

4.18 House Of Blues Dallas, TX

4.19 Emos Austin Austin, TX

4.21 Marquee Theatre Tempe, AZ

4.22 Ace Hotel Los Angeles, CA

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