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Author & Punisher Drops New Album, Krüller !

The machines are coming, the machines are coming!

Modern industrial artist Author & Punisher just dropped their brand-new album Krüller, via Relapse Records (2/11/22). I was able to get a sneak peek and let me tell you it's an absolute mind-bender!

Over eight blistering tracks Krüller infiltrates the senses with gritty, futuristic sounds like something out of an epic Sci-fi movie. Much like the work of Industrial Titan Trent Reznor, there is one main person behind the music of Author & Punisher, Tristan Shone. Tristan has been described by many as one of modern industrial music's most innovative individuals.

Not only does Tristan write and record the bulk of the music for Author & Punisher, he builds the industrial machines used in the process, giving the songs a life of their own. Each piece on Krüller takes the listener on a twisted and disturbing journey through a dark dystopia.

While Tristan did the majority of the writing and recording, he did have several collaborators on Krüller, most notably Tool's Danny Carey and Justin Chancellor who appear on tracks "Misery" and "Centurion", respectively.

I really enjoyed the diversity of sounds on Krüller. While many of the tracks are really synth-heavy, dark and twisted, the standout for me "Maiden Star" really shines through as an uplifting piece akin to something like a Depeche Mode or an Erasure track with a modern twist.

To coincide with the release of Krüller, Shone is launching a bespoke audio gear company called Drone Machines. Consumers will have an opportunity to work with the machines used on Author & Punisher albums in a more scaled down, user-friendly size. I can personally say that if I got some of this gear it would freak my suburban neighbors out!

Shone is readying the Author & Punisher arsenal to support Krüller on the road. He'll add guitarist Douglas Sabolick (Ecstatic Vision) to the on-stage lineup. Current plans are to hit Europe in February, March, and April, the Oblivion Access 2022 festival in May, with a smattering of U.S.-based shows around that event. There will be another European tour with Perturbator and Health in the fall. Krüller is coming…

Krüller is available now wherever you stream music. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Track List:

01. Drone Carrying Dread

02. Incinerator

03. Centurion

04. Maiden Star

05. Misery

06. Glorybox (Portishead cover)

07. Blacksmith

08. Krüller

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