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Baroness Slays The Waiting Room!

Story and Photos: Spencer Fleming

Well it's almost a throw-back at this point thanks to illness, Thanksgiving break, etc., but this show was too good not to post. A few weeks ago (11/12) I got to see Baroness for the second time and they absolutely slayed the Waiting Room! The show started off as a sleepy Sunday, but by the time Baroness went on the crowd had filled in nicely.

It's been a few years since Baroness has done a headline run through Omaha, but they were happy to be back. The Waiting Room was the perfect venue to host these metal masters as they served up both new cuts and crowd favorites. Baroness is out on the road in support of their brand-new album Stone and they kicked off the set with the first single "Last Word".

As the band stomped through crunchy riffs, trippy bass lines, and harmonized vocals the crowd stood in awe from the wave of sound that washed over the room. What I love about Baroness is their ability to straddle the technical elements of prog-metal without losing their accessible pop-sensibility. Rather than bludgeon you over the head with blast beats and mathematical riff patterns, they melt your face with solos and catchy choruses while occasionally sneaking in a blast beat or two.

Through 15 songs Baroness had the Waiting Room tripping out! I'm really glad I got to catch them again. Baroness is one of those must-see bands, so if they're not on your radar be sure to check them out so you can see them live next time they come through!

Shout out to the openers Wayfarer and Destiny Bond. Both of these bands ripped!


Destiny Bond


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