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Blue October Night Two: SOLD OUT!

Story and Photos: Audrey Wright

Hello readers, it’s been a few since I’ve worked a show. With that being said, it was great to kick off my little break with Blue October Friday night (11/18) at The Admiral. This was their second night playing the famous Omaha venue and to a sold out crowd! It was also “bring your parents to work day”, not really, but I brought my mom with me to enjoy the show. I think she enjoyed herself. Since Stories owner Spencer covered Night One of Blue October, I’m going to keep this article short and sweet for you all.

Beatnik Bandits were so fun! Keyboardist, YI, wore these cool bedazzled shoes and not a single member stood still. Neither did the crowd. They got the room moving with their upbeat funky vibes and raspy vocals. I loved every minute of it.

Just like night one, 89.7 The River was on hand to introduce the band. Corey from Amplified Afternoons had the pleasure of bringing Justin and the boys out.

Like Beatnik Bandits, Blue October also brought their dance moves. Lead singer, Justin, danced on stage during their intro. I couldn’t figure out was he was doing at first. I thought maybe it was some sort of method acting or interpretive dance. Nope, he was just vibing. I can’t blame him. The room was filled with infectious emotions and vibes all around. For nearly two hours they really played their hearts out. With a wide range of tunes from platinum selling hits to storied tales of heartbreak they gave Omaha something truly special and we could feel the love. To make things even more personal Justin got down in the crowd to sang with a few fans. The first few rows shrieked with excitement as they pushed forward for high fives and selfies.

Once again, Blue October proved they're one of the best in the genre and Omaha professed their love with the sold out show. I would like to thank Blue October and their team for having us out both nights. What a pleasure it was! Thank you to 89.7 The River as always and thank you to Beatnik Bandits for giving me some great new tunes to listen to and for being so great! Until next time my friends.

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Blue October

Beatnik Bandits

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