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Brooklane Drops New Single "Paranoid"

Story and Photo: Spencer Fleming

Midwest pop-punkers Brooklane have a brand-new single hitting the streets! (6/2/23)

From their latest EP titled Stay Toxic, the song "Paranoid" is a catchy little earworm that will have you humming along through traffic or pushing you through that last mile on your workout. Brooklane teamed up with one of my favorite bands Telltale for the track, which mixes up powerful pop-punk with hints of electronica giving a unique twist on the genre.

Quite serendipitously, I was able to catch Brooklane a few weeks ago when they played with my boys Telltale at the Drinkery. It was an awesome show and I can't wait to catch them again!

Brooklane hails from North Dakota and is currently signed to Adventure Cat Records. You may have seen them on your TikTok "For You" page by starting the shirt rip challenge that has taken social media by storm and garnering hundreds-of-millions of views with recreations from The Chainsmokers, UFC, and so many more.

When Brooklane isn't making viral videos you can catch them collaborating with another pop-punk powerhouse Makeout on the song "Dead Inside", the first track from the Stay Toxic EP.

Keep an eye out for Brooklane, they're hungry and ready to take the pop-punk scene by storm! The Stay Toxic EP is available wherever you stream music so check it out now!


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