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Bush Rocks The Midland!

Story and Photos: Haley Mullenix

Last Night (2/7) the Midland threw it back to the 90s with a special visit from Bush. The London born band had Generation X and millennials out past their bedtime for a bit of revelry and nostalgia. Lining the sidewalks, many were fawning over lead vocalist Gavin Rossdale and reminiscing on their high school days.

Opening the show was Starcrawler, a rock band from Los Angeles. Suited up in black and pink, this grungy band filled the stage with heavy riffs and that lovely punk attitude. They seemed as though they’d have been playing gigs between Blondie and The Misfits at CBGB back in the late 70s.

Their energy seemed to shock the crowd a bit! Encouraging the audience to jump around and “get angry”. Lead singer Arrow de Wilde asked the question, “What gets you riled up Kansas City?” Following up with a cheeky, “Texas bbq is better”.

Thrashing and headbanging, Starcrawler gave us their all, and packed a punch as they ended their set falling to the stage floor. Definitely one of the coolest rock bands I have seen in a while.

When the time for Bush finally came, the stage was flooded with red lights. Cohesive with their latest album, The Art of Survival’s cover. Kicking it off with a new song from said album the band opened with "Identity". Then for a bit of whiplash they brought it back home with "Machinehead".

I honestly was in awe at Rossdale’s stamina! I was winded from walking up to the balcony, meanwhile I don't think he stopped moving once from the moment he came on stage! Luckily I chose a good time to make the trek. Turning the corner Gavin ran past me and into the audience to interact with the fans sitting up top. Meanwhile, Chris Traynor (guitar), Cory Britz (bass), and Nick Hughes (drums) held down the stage. It's apparent that being able to interact with the audience is important to the band. Some lucky fans even got to enjoy a VIP section ON the stage for a few songs.

Making his way back to the stage Gavin pointed out how beautiful the Midland is, and he's right! If you have the chance to see a show here, it's definitely worth it to stand under its mosaics and chandeliers.

Coming towards the end, their song "More Than Machines" offered perspectives on themes ranging from women's rights, to man vs machine. Overall there was so much to unpack from this show, and the energy that both Starcrawler and Bush brought to Kansas City was infectious. It's obvious both bands enjoy what they do and want to bring that to the people! I didn’t know quite what to expect when walking into the show last night, but I had tons of fun and was really blown away!

The rest of February is busy for Bush as they round out their headlining tour ending in St. Louis. You can also catch them this summer at Inkcarceration Fest in Ohio, and check out their latest album The Art of Survival to prepare!

Thanks to Bush and their team for having me, it was a great time!

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