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Chappell Roan’s Midwest Princess Tour Hits KC!

Story and Photos: Haley Mullenix

Monday (4/08) Chappell Roan led a “Femininomenon” (or a feminine phenomenon) in Kansas City, bringing  “The Midwest Princess Tour” to  her home state! Each show on this tour has a theme and this night it was “Pink Pony Club” based off the 11th track of Chappell's latest and first album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess. Nearly everyone in attendance had on a pink cowboy hat they dressed up at home with rhinestones, feathers, and even lights. I was in awe at the detail everyone put into the theme and couldn’t leave without asking to take some photos of them! 

The theater was packed and literally glowing pink as showtime grew closer. When the time came to take my spot in the photo pit I was not met with an opening band, but three local drag queens! Honestly, I think every concert should start with a drag show. I’ve never seen a crowd be more hype for an opener in my LIFE! Hosting was Karmella Uchawi, and joining her was Minti Varieties, and UltraViolet who came from St. Louis to be there! They put on a spectacular show in typical drag show fashion, with lip syncing to die for, back handsprings, death drops, and of course dollar bills flying everywhere. I had been dying to photograph drag queens and it finally happened so I was pleasantly surprised. As the queens ended their set, they posed in the middle of the stage together for a group photo and waved their goodbyes after thanking Chappell for having them.

When Chappell finally took the stage, it was covered in a pink tint like a real life ‘voir la vie en rose’. Dressed in a sparkly leotard, pink tights, cowboy boots, and matching gloves she looked like a “Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl.” Photographing this show was so much fun, Chappell was running and jumping around all over the stage I was like, “Girl hold still!!” Her energy is infectious and the fans in the crowd and on the barricade reciprocated it right back. 

Chappell recently finished touring with Olivia Rodrigo on her ‘Guts’ tour, so she was feeling a little bittersweet. She talked briefly about how important it was to her that people showed up for her in her home state, as she didn’t feel like she could be open about herself and her sexuality until she had left. “What performing in Missouri has taught me is that there are people like me everywhere, even in the tiniest of towns. There are trans angels in every single town. I want you to be exactly who you are here, not what anyone else expects of you.” 

Chappell's latest album could be described as camp, dance music, “definitely playing at a gay bar music” and the community that has flocked to her sound is incredible! Just from seeing the audience and the people lined up around the building to see her you can tell it's a fun-loving, stylish, creative group of humans. 

Seeing Chappell was like seeing an artist you can just tell is about to blow up. The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess is only her first album, and she’s already taken it so far! If you haven’t heard her music before, don’t be shy, give it a listen and there’s definitely something there for everyone to appreciate! 

A huge thanks to Chappell Roan management for photo access!

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Chappell Roan


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