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Clutch Puts In Work At The Bourbon

Story and Photos: Linsey Gividen

Editor: Spencer Fleming

As I approached the Bourbon I could feel the electricity moving through the cool night air. Looking at the glowing marquee reading Clutch, I got the feeling the show's crowd would be a bit outside of the norm. While in line, a couple took their place behind me and started to list the different times they had seen Clutch. The woman teased the man about how she’d make him walk home if he misbehaved. The man’s response was “Not with this face, I won’t.” His retort made me giggle before I entered the venue.

Having been to the Bourbon before, I made sure to secure a spot on the rail as I waited for the concert to begin. I noticed a father pointing out different details of the venue to his son. He had explained to the security guards that this was his first concert.

I didn’t have to wait long before Tigercub took the stage. A tall, lanky man in a tweed jacket climbed up onto stage along with a man with spiky white hair, and another man with one of the best mustaches I have ever seen.

They opened their set and the music reminded me of The Neighborhood or Arctic Monkeys. A much softer, alternative sound with plenty of drums and bass. The lead singer had a smooth voice and they had the crowd swaying along to their tune. They also loved to incentivize the crowd by having instrumental breaks to show fun riffs or a newer sound using distortion.

Nearing the end of their set, Tigercub set out some banter for the upcoming band. EYEHATEGOD was up next and both the lead singer and bass guitarist said they were like Coldplay to poke fun.

EYEHATEGOD was not like Coldplay… at all. I watched as the drummer, guitarist, and bassist had a jam session before their planned set. It didn’t register to me that this was the band and I had thought it was just the crew testing instruments, that was, until the lead singer hopped out onto stage.

He grabbed the mic tightly and didn’t let go. I watched, wide-eyed, as he lifted the mic stand above his head and began to swing it around. The music was rough and a lot heavier than I expected. I watched as the crowd of construction workers and electricians around me bobbed their heads to the beat. The energy and heartbeat EYEHATEGOD brought to the Bourbon was an experience.

One of my favorite moments was when the lead singer said “Now, I want to talk to you all about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.” This got a laugh from the crowd as people processed the irony.

Between EYEHATEGOD and Clutch, I got to talk with the guy next to me. He told me that he had been married for 30 years and his wife had never gone to a concert with him. Before I could voice my sympathy, he piped up that he got his daughter, nephew, and son-in-law hooked on Clutch instead. This was his 13th Clutch concert. I explained that it was my first one and he laughed and said “It’s a religious experience. You’re in for a treat.” He was definitely right.

Clutch had us waiting in anticipation for quite some time before walking out onto stage. They got the show rolling immediately and safe to say, I was not prepared for the music I was about to hear. Their songs blew my mind and I loved their classic rock sound. I could see the appeal to their audience and it truly felt like a moment of enlightenment.

A staff member of the Bourbon had told me that Clutch had amazing light effects planned and that the best wide shots would be from the upper level. She was absolutely correct and as I moved from the rail to the balcony I could see the show from a different perspective.

Their music catered to the hard working crowd who were up when the sun rose and finished when the sun set. It made me feel proud to be associated with blue collared workers and realize how much they do for our communities. Their music not only rocked, but it stirred up emotions and that’s how I truly tell music is good.

My only regret out of the experience is that I hadn’t heard of Clutch before then. I’m so glad I got to experience this concert and the different music the openers exposed me to as well!

Big thanks to Cosa Nostra PR for photo access and The Blaze for bringing this show!

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