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Cursive Charms the Waiting Room

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Just to toot my own horn, I found a parking spot 4 cars from the SOLD OUT Waiting Room on a frigid Friday night. That was the cherry on top of experiencing a show that shook the block Feb. 4, 2022.

Eric from Outer Space opened the show with their folk/punk vibes. As an opening band I was impressed. They played with power and were able to get the trickling crowd going. Also, they had $5 records (mouth gaping).

After the E.F.O. sighting came Vitreous Humor. The similarity to Cursive’s sound was evident in their distorted power chords and tempos. Lead singer, Danny Pound, announced a new song which set a scene of pain and sadness through having an operation. As he sang my empathy kicked in and I was able to feel the song and the pain there must have been during the described procedure. Ending with "Our Lady", the drummer seemed to forget the song but after a few tries they were jamming and finishing their set.

Cursive walked on stage with no pomp or prestige and pulled the crowd directly into lead singer, Tim Kasher’s, web of mind bending lyrics and irresistible music charm. As everyone began singing with him, I turned to see the once trickling crowd now packed from stage to door. Those visible were mouthing the words in unison. What a testament to this hometown band bringing goodness to every engagement and satisfaction to every fan.

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Vitreous Humor

Eric From Outer Space


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