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Dirty Honey Rocks The Bourbon Theater!

Story and Photos: Spencer Fleming

The Bourbon was rocking this last Friday (12/1) when L.A. badboys Dirty Honey rolled through Lincoln on their "Can't Find The Brakes" tour with felllow rocker Austin Meade. This would mark my third Dirty Honey show in the last couple years and I have to say it was their best one yet!

The night started off with Austin Meade from Texas. His southern-tinged tunes had the crowd shaking and grooving from the first note. Other than a few awkwardly placed lyrical F-bombs, I really enjoyed Austin's set. His band's guitarist stole the show! For over 30 minutes he was melting our faces with tasty riffs and lots of southern weedily weedilies. Austin has been steadily gaining steam over the last couple years. His latest single "Blackout" is getting a lot of radio play. Naturally, Austin and his band closed with this song and got a nice pop of energy from the crowd.

After some set up time Animal and Sparky from 104.1 The Blaze came up to introduce Dirty Honey and put in a plug for the From Ashes To New show on December 10. There's less than 200 tickets left before it sells out! If you're looking to go to that one get on those tickets before you miss out.

Dirty Honey came out with both guns blazing! Dripping with 70s glam swagger the boys were dressed to kill as they kicked into the title track from their new album Can't Find The Brakes! I did my best to capture the energy from these dirty rockers as they moved about the stage. Marc swung the mic stand out during "California Dreamin" to let the crowd take over on vocals. John kicked out the jams in his pleated multi-color bell bottoms making the ladies in the front row swoon.

During the third song "Heartbreaker" the band had an extended jam at the end showcasing everyone's chops. Justin danced all over the bass while new Dirty Honey drummer Jaydon kept the rhythm pumping. Dirty Honey pulled out a few new cuts from Can't Find The Brakes! including "Coming Home (Ballad of the Shire)" which is an acoustic tune that Marc described as a little Isley Brothers inspired jangle. John and Justin brought out acoutsic guitars and slowed the pace down just a bit. The crowd swayed along to Marc's sultry vocals with their phone lights in hand.

After that the crowd was treated to a pair of covers including the Rolling Stones' "Honkey Tonk Women" and Prince's "Let's Go Crazy". I really liked the slowed down bluesy version of "Let's Go Crazy". It's so cool that Dirty Honey mixes it up with covers like that. I've seen them do an Aerosmith song and an AC/DC song previously.

Marc gave a nice shout out to 104.1 The Blaze and said "They played this one a lot" before introducing their hit single "Another Last Time". During the song Marc ventured out through the crowd and climbed up on the bar only to return to the stage with some tequila shots for the band! It was wild stuff.

After closing with the two song encore of "Won't Take Me Alive" and "Rolling 7s", Marc looked over at John and said "This is about that time when I ask my man John if the crowd is deserving of one more song". With the crowd still going wild the band kicked into "Satisfied" from their new album Can't Find The Brakes!. What a killer way to end the show! I noticed not every city got a three song encore, so Lincoln pat yourselves on the back! Dirty Honey is one of those bands you have to experience live. A few years ago I got a picture with Marc and Justin after the show and I let them know "this is just the beginning". I still stand by that. Dirty Honey has the talent and work ethic to really make some waves in the next few years. This show is for sure going on my top ten of the year.

Make sure to check out Can't Find The Brakes! which is out now on all streaming platforms. Huge thanks to Dirty Honey management and 104.1 The Blaze for bringing this killer show!

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