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Dirty Honey Rocks The Intersection!

Story and Photos: Dakotah K.

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Now back to the story.....

Three sets in one night and the fans were still hungry for more! Tuesday night (9/27), Dirty Honey, Dorothy, and Mac Saturn gave everything they had at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Having Mac Saturn open on the “California Dreamin' Tour” was an easy choice for Dirty Honey. The band's one-of-a-kind style can be described as new school pop-rock with a vibrant taste of Motown funk. From their first song, the crowd was electric. These bands have obvious chemistry. Carson Macc of Mac Saturn joined the headliners in surprising fans with their genius rendition of “Come Together” by The Beatles. If the energy wasn't top tier before, this brought it to an almost unbeatable level.

Carson Macc, Mike Moody, Nick Barone, Jive Moses, and Angelo Coppola all know how to get a room jumping with songs from their new album Until The Money Runs Out. From Detroit, Michigan, it's no surprise that music is in their blood. The most popular song of the night was "Aint Like You", which really got the crowd going. Fans came from miles around to see them play.

I had the luxury of speaking with some fans from all over the state. One dedicated roadie marked her ninth Mac Saturn show last night. Soon after releasing the single "Mr. Cadillac", the band followed up with their debut EP Until The Money Runs Out and has really kept their momentum going. The traction they've gained over the last few months doesn't come as a shock.

Singer, Carson Macc, brings an incredible presence to the stage. His unique look plays off of young Ozzy and Mick Jagger with his own twang. Born to be a rockstar, he's invented an iconic style. The crowd went absolutely wild when he came out in a black fur coat accompanied by a tie and some trendy shades. Later, he made an appearance in an alligator skin coat and flared jeans. You know Mac Saturn is in the house when Carson's signature dice are seen hanging from the microphone.

The band closed their set with an eleven-minute mix of music, fan interaction, and dance. If you weren't a fan of Mac Saturn before the show, you are now. These shameless, energetic performers put on a wild show really getting the crowd amped for Dirty Honey.

Dorothy was the next act on the Dirty Honey pregame schedule. You would have thought it was their own show by the way they took control of the crowd and stage. Aiding in the rebirth of classic rock, Dorothy is following in the footsteps of legends like AC/DC and Metallica, but bringing their own twist on the genre. Their energy ignited screams from one end of the building to the other, front to back, far and wide, everyone was loving Dorothy.

Lead vocalist, Dorothy Martin sparked so much nostalgia in the crowd. In the words of one fan “She reminds me of Axl Rose ''. It's clear to see the resemblance in the way she moves. Dorothy is not one to stand still. Strutting from one side of the stage to the other, interacting with her bandmates and the crowd, she is a natural performer. There may be some inspiration from classic 80’s rock bands but Dorothy will be the next big name in music. Dorothy is on their way to the top.

Dorothy helped fans of rock, old and new, come together for a beautiful night of music. The crowd was bleeding with unity and love by the end of their set. This is only the beginning for their newly-made lifelong fans.

The heat turned up as the crowd pressed towards the stage. Everyone was waiting with excited anticipation for the California rockers, Dirty Honey. By the time the band took the stage it felt like there wasn't an inch of space left! The screams from the crowd seemed to radiate through the city as fans joined the band belting lyrics to every song. The band kept everyone on their toes as they took control of the stage.

Lead singer Marc Labelle swaggered forth in his signature hat and cool sunglasses swinging the mic out over the crowd. If Aerosmith ever needs a replacement for Steven Tyler, I know who they could call. Justin and John played back to back and had the swagger of Paige and Plant or Hammett and Hetfield. These guys are definitely the next generation of rock stars and judging by their packed shows all across the U.S. they know they're on to something big.

In addition to songs from Dirty Honey's full length self-titled album, Justin, John, and Corey did solos showing off their individual talents. The band sounded amazing together but it was cool to see each player's individual flare.

After giving almost an hour and a half of killer rock Dirty Honey took us home with their hit song “Rolling 7’s”, a classic sing-along number. Tonight it was more like a scream-along. It felt like the new community built in this venue was a family at that moment. Jaws were on the floor, people were crying and the band left with everyone on their feet.

Tuesday night in Grand Rapids was one to remember. Three astronomical bands burned The Intersection to the ground. I would like to thank Dirty Honey, Dorothy, and Mac Saturn for putting on such a great show. It was a night unlike any other.

Thank you to Dirty Honey and Dorothy's management for photo access.

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Dirty Honey


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