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Dorothy & Joyous Wolf Slay The Slowdown!

Story and Photos: Virginia Fleming

The Slowdown was already packing in pretty tight as I arrived to shoot Dorothy, Joyous Wolf, and Classless Act Tuesday Night (5/3). There so many people up front in fact, I moved to the back to scout out my photo spot.

The first band on the bill Classless Act came out and they were a force of energy. The members bounced around the stage getting the crowd hyped up with their throwback classic rock sound. These guys along with Joyous Wolf and Dirty Honey are in a class of new bands that have a retro sound akin to Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. They're so well liked in the Classic Rock community in fact, they'll be opening the massive Motely Crue stadium tour along with Def Leppard, Joan Jett, and poison.

Classless Act had some killer three-part harmonies to go along with their raucous drums and shredding guitars. They each had their own personal style and were all about having fun. After the set they made time to talk with all the fans and take pictures. Keep an eye out for these dudes when they come through next time, they'll probably be on a much bigger stage.

Joyous Wolf was up next and they're a Stories from the Crowd favorite. We've caught these guys with Dirty Honey and once on their own at Grey's Keg in Lincoln. Nick and the boys had the crowd in a frenzy with their slick guitar riffs and of course Blake's antics, like going shirtless.

The band is still riding high off their latest single "Fearless" which has been getting lots of airplay on 89.7 The River and 104.1 The Blaze in Lincoln. A few songs into the set Nick jumped into the audience and starting taking pictures and videos with the fans' phones which was a hoot. Joyous Wolf's last song "Mother Rebel" was dedicated to their super fan and troop mom Jody. Jody is a sweet lady in the Midwest who cooks meals for bands that come through. She's been spotted at Joyous Wolf, Blacktop Mojo, and Sons of Texas shows, just to name a few. Jody, you're doing the Lord's work out there!

By the time the lights went down for the main act Dorothy you could see the crowd had filled floor and were still vibrant with the energy from Joyous Wolf.

The backdrop filled with bright and colorful lights as the band started to play. The crowd waited in anticipation for Dorothy to make her entrance. She walked on stage belting powerful notes that turned the amplifiers up to 11 and the crowd matched her energy.

After the first song Dorothy stood in awe of the continuous cheers. When she was able to finally speak she thanked the crowd for coming out and immediately kicked into the next song, keeping the high energy going.

Dorothy and her band treated The Slowdown to a giant helping of rock and roll with a side of alt-blues a la Black Keys. The band blistered through a 13 song set that included the hits "Raise Hell", "Down To The Bathroom", and even a cover of "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" by The Eurhythmics. The crowd was on their feet and cheering until the last note. I really enjoyed all three of these new bands. I can't wait to follow and see where they go next. One thing's for sure, if they come through Omaha or Lincoln again, we'll be there capture it all.

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Joyous Wolf

Classless Act

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