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Fever 333 Invades Kansas City


Exactly one year ago I went to the Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln to see a band. What I didn’t realize was this band would change the way I look at music, and what can be accomplished if you want something bad enough and you’re willing to put in the work.

A few months before the show at the Bourbon I saw an article in the Wall Street Journal of all places about a new band making moves with the help of Jon Feldman and Travis Barker. That band was Fever 333.

I looked them up on YouTube and at the time there wasn’t much to be found except the video for “Walking in My Shoes.”

I clicked play and within 30 seconds I knew that this band was something special.

Like any band that grabs my attention, the first thing I do is google their tour dates and pray they’re going somewhere close to Omaha. It just so happened they were coming to Omaha with the Used in just a couple months. As the date grew closer, I was looking around on the Bourbon’s website and saw that Fever 333 was doing a show there the night before Omaha for only $5! I knew that we just had to go.

We stayed after the show and met Jason, Stephen, and Aric, and we just fell in love. They were so nice, and generous with their time. They talked with every fan, took photos, and signed autographs. We let them know about our newly launched website and they hooked us up with tickets and photo passes for Omaha and agreed to stay after for an interview. It was truly one of the best experiences I’ve had covering a band so far.

When I saw that Fever was playing a show in Kansas City (5/23) the night after the Hives in Lawrence, I knew we had to stay an extra night and catch them one more time on the spring tour.

We arrived at the venue about 15 minutes before the doors opened and still managed to find a parking spot right in front of the building, what fantastic luck!

While waiting in line I spotted these signs posted by the band.


As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, Fever 333 is more than a band, they are a movement! The goal of their music is to make a positive impact on future generations by encouraging a free exchange of ideas. Every Fever show or “demonstration” is meant to be a safe space where people of all ages can feel free to speak their mind, no matter their beliefs.

I’ve seen lead singer Jason mention at every show I’ve attended that Fever 333 isn’t here to tell you what to believe, but to encourage you to speak with others about what you believe, and find ways to come together as a people.

I got a spot up front next to the stage and my wife Virginia hung in the back. She was still recovering from riding the rail at the Hives the night before. As I walked up I saw several Fever Allies from the Des Moines show a few weeks before. We were soon joined by longtime Fever/LetLive fan Audrey Wright who also does concert photography.

As the lights went down the pulsing beat of “Burn It” came over the speakers. The big white sheet dropped and it was on! Fever 333 was in full effect with all 3 members going as hard as they could.


Not even two minutes into the show someone got on stage and jumped into the crowd kicking me in the shoulder in the process. I probably jinxed it by writing in my review for the Hives that I had yet to be kicked by a crowd surfer.

Fever tore through their set playing almost the songs from their new album “Strength in Numb333rs.” The band only slows down a few times in between songs for Jason to address the crowd and speak about some of the things I mentioned earlier (trying to make a positive impact, pushing past the naysayers who said this band wouldn’t work, and following your passions). As for the in between remarks, I think my favorite part was when Jason talked about Aric taking his shirt off and someone shouted for Jason to take his shirt off too. He said “Ya’ll don’t want me to take my shirt off, I got that dad bod!” The joke killed and the audience lit up.


After a short break Fever came back out for “We’re Coming In” and “Hunting Season” from the “Made an America” E.P. The crowd went nuts during these songs and so did the band. Jason climbed up a pole and then onto the outside of the balcony and finished the song hanging above the audience. “YOU CAN’T KEEP US UNDER YOUR THUMB!!!”


If you can’t tell by now, I love this band. They give it everything they’ve got whether they’re playing to thousands at Sonic Temple Festival or a club of 200 in Kansas City just days later.

After the show, the band didn’t go back to a green room leaving fans to wait outside their bus for hours hoping to catch a glimpse. They hopped off the stage and started talking to anyone wanted to say hi or grab a picture.

There were a lot of people who wanted some time with the guys so while I waited I talked with Drew and his son Carter. During the set, Carter stood next to me right against the stage and Drew thanked me for helping him get so close.


We proceeded to geek out over all the shows we had been to and all the shows we had coming up. I told them about my experience with Fever and how they are my new favorite band. Drew was psyched to see them in a place so small and told Carter he may never see them in a place like this again. I too am grateful for every small club opportunity, because I know it won’t last forever. With the heat that Fever has and the way they treat their fans more and more people are becoming Fever Allies every day.

After the line died down I talked to Jason and he totally remembered me from last year! He gave me a big hug and I was floating. We talked about the tour, how our website is gaining ground, and their show coming up on October 4 at Westfair with Dropkick Murphys, Clutch, Hatebreed, the Interrupters, the Urge, and more. It was the perfect way to end the night.


So get your tickets to Megafest on October 4 today and catch the Fever, cause you know it’s spreading!!

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