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Greta Van Fleet: Dreaming In Gold

Story and Photos: Audrey Wright

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Now back to the story....

I’m going to keep this article short and sweet. Last night in Des Moines, IA was the third and final show that I got to shoot on the Greta Van Fleet Dreams In Gold tour. It was raw, powerful, ethereal, and so much more. Before the show I talked to some new benders of light. It was really cool to connect with newer like minded individuals who knew the ropes.

Robert Finley was up first. Robert, an American blues and soul singer from Louisiana, lit up the stage with his band and his dance moves! He got the crowd riled up for the evening and everyone cheered him on. In 2016 Finley released his debut album Age Don’t Mean A Thing. He’s right too! This 68 year old cut a rug on that stage and sang his heart out! Go check out his music!

Houndmouth was next, although no one was approved to shoot photos for them, I still got to watch their set and they were great. Houndmouth is an alternate rock and blues band from New Albany, Indiana. They had some technical difficulties before the set but that didn’t stop them from putting on a wonderful show for everyone. Everyone in the crowd was dancing and singing along to their songs. There are a lot of Houndmouth fans in Des Moines!

Before Greta Van Fleet came on, all of us photographers were lined up on stage left before the curtain dropped. It was really cool to watch them walk on stage before the show started and hear the screams of thousands of fans from the arena. What a surreal and unbelievable night. It was even cooler to have some friends and fans on the barricade cheering me on. After shooting the first three songs I quickly ran back downstairs to the floor to catch the rest of the set. Somehow I managed to get up pretty close. Josh took a shot of Fireball per usual with a fan, they always dress up during the end in crazy hats, or glasses. This time it was feather boas that fans had brought. Greta Van Fleet outdid themselves. What an incredible night it was.

I would like to thank Greta Van Fleet and their team for being so gracious and letting me write and shoot for three shows on this tour! I have had the best time and your hospitality and friendship will not go unnoticed. I am excited and hopeful for the future that we can work together again. As Josh Kiszka says, “Buy the ticket, take the ride”. Until next time my friends.

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Greta Van Fleet

Robert Finley

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