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Hybrid Theory Goes Out With A Bang!

Story and Photos: Spencer Fleming

The biggest local show of the year went down at the Waiting Room Friday night (4/7). Omaha tribute acts Hybrid Theory (Linkin Park) and Chop Suey! (System of a Down) had the room sold out! This was Hybrid Theory's last show so pour one out for those that missed it. I'm happy I got to see Hybrid Theory and capture photos for them several times over their four years as a group. This show was truly special.

The night kicked off with Chop Suey! The band played several SOAD deep cuts and a few of their bigger hits before taking a small intermission. When they came back out lead singer Derek had on a custom Chop Suey! prison jumpsuit. The crunchy guitars of "Prison Song" kicked in and the room went nuts.

The band played through the whole Toxicity album and the room was singing along at the top of their lungs, including guest vocalist Dave Campbell who joined for the last track "Ariels". I thought in my head "If Dave's on stage, who's running the club?"

Dave and his crew do an amazing job keeping the Waiting Room running smoothly and giving Omaha a premier entertainment experience. So thanks Dave! Before ending the set Derek got in the crowd for one of SOAD's biggest songs "Sugar". The mosh pit bounced in unison to the upbeat jam making sure not to crush Derek in the process.

Chop Suey played for almost two hours and I definitely had a case of "show back" but I pushed on for the headliner Hybrid Theory!

Hybrid Theory hit the stage starting things off with "New Divide" before hitting us with the classic "Papercut". From front to back the room sang along with every word. With so many hits there was never a lull in crowd participation. Hybrid Theory brought out Derek from Chop Suey! for "Breaking The Habit" and he got the front row jumping. Later on Shane from the Impulsive and a guest guitarist and bass player joined in for "Numb". There were so many hits and deep cuts covered it was an overload of Link Park deliciousness!

I'm sad that it was the last time we'll see Hybrid Theory on the Waiting Room stage, but I'm glad I got to be there for this momentous event.

Thanks so much to Hybrid Theory & Chop Suey! for trusting me to capture these memories.

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Hybrid Theory

Chop Suey!


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