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I Prevail Brings The True Power Tour To Omaha!

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Story and Photos: Audrey Wright

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Now back to the story....

When I saw that the True Power Tour was coming to Omaha and the lineup that came with it I had to jump on board. The last time I shot for I Prevail was in 2017 at Sokol Auditorium for their Rage On The Stage tour and it was an absolute blast! So much chaotic energy and humor. As I pulled up to the venue, there was a line wrapped clear around the building. Emos, goths, and music fans alike gathered for their once in a lifetime opportunity to see the great I Prevail, Pierce The Veil, Fit For A King, and Yours Truly. I was able to make it inside fairly quickly once doors opened and was able to stand up front and watch everyone pour into the venue.

All the way from down under, in Sydney Australia, Yours Truly really got the crowd going and excited for what was to come. A pop-punk band formed in 2016 with lead singer Mikaila Delgado absolutely smashing the vocals. I felt a lot of nostalgia listening to them perform. It was like Paramore meets Hey Monday but with a total original twist. I loved it!

Fit For A King was next and I had no idea what to expect. I was already in the pop-punk vibes when Yours Truly came out on stage and then these dudes started playing some heavy tones and deep vocals and I was completely changed. They got the crowd really riled up and it was fantastic! Reigning from Tyler, TX this metal-core band formed in 2007. They have an LP titled The Hell We Create set to debut this fall! Go check them out!

Pierce The Veil was next and I was so stoked for this one. I have been listening to them since I was in high school so this was a “pinch me” moment. If you would’ve told my emo teenage self that she would be shooting for Pierce The Veil someday, she would’ve punched you. They opened with a rather dark and sultry intro and then played "Hell Above" from their Collide With The Sky album. If you saw me singing the whole time I was shooting, mind your business. Not to mention, their drummer, Loniel Robinson, drummed for Letlive back in the day. I also used to shoot their shows too. Go check out his work. He’s a fantastic drummer and an even cooler person! After leaving the pit, I went to take some crowd shots and enjoy the rest of the show. Pierce The Veil played their new song "Pass The Nirvana" and some older songs like "King For A Day". Lead singer, Vic Fuentes, mentioned that his mom is from Omaha so we held a special place in his heart. Halfway through the set they had to stop the show for a medical emergency. I hope that individual is okay! Pierce The Veil ended their set strong and left me absolutely mind blown. It was a surreal moment for me.

I Prevail was next. These guys are next level. When I shot for them in 2017 they were the funniest group of individuals and still are! Their tour manager, Christian Skirmont, hails from Omaha, NE and was also in a couple bands I listened to growing up called Haven 21 and Ativan. I Prevail are a killer group and if you haven’t listened to them I suggest you do. They bring humor and “true power” to the stage, see what I did there? Their music is also phenomenal. We love a band that likes to get rowdy! During the first couple of songs while all of us benders of light were up in the pit, the show had to be stopped again for someone who passed out in the pit. Please watch out for yourselves and stay hydrated my friends! I hope those individuals are feeling better and were able to enjoy the rest of the show. After I was done shooting photos, instead of walking around the venue I decided to take a seat on the side of the stage and watch the remainder of their set. What a night to remember. I loved every bit of it.

I would like to thank Atom Splitter PR and Mammoth Productions for having me out. I had a great time. Thank you to I Prevail and their team for being so cool once again. Thank you to Pierce The Veil for letting me live my emo dreams, and thank you to the Liberty First Credit Union Arena for your hospitality. Until next time my friends.

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I Prevail

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