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J. Crum Presents Villains at Lookout Lounge

Some of Omaha’s best and brightest hip hop acts were out in full force Friday night (4/12) at Lookout Lounge.

Things kicked off with a DJ set from Riley Stauffer and he got the room jumping! With a mix of modern hip-hop tracks from Drake and Kendrick Lamar to some upbeat dance beats it definitely kept the people moving.


After Riley, Aorta Hip Hop artist Jay Influential took the stage. Jay played a mix of old and new material including his brand new single “No IV.” Jay had a lot of heart and you could really feel his youthful energy. A lot of the song themes focused on angst and regret, or at least that’s how I interpreted them, but every rhyme was heart felt. You can check out Jay on Spotify.


There were a few special guests in between Jay and headliner J. Crum. Artist Lite Pole dropped a few bars for the crowd, but the set was cut short as his band mate wasn’t able to get into the club without ID, bummer! Another rapper who I unfortunately didn’t catch his name, had an awesome spoken word session inspired by the late Nipsey Hussle.

Last but not least, was the Omaha hip hop phenom J. Crum. Man, did he bring the fire! The party really turned up as soon as he kicked into the upbeat jam “Hearts Collide.” Everyone in the room was clapping along in joyous celebration. Being that J was headlining there were a few older tracks thrown in the set and many of the fans were really stoked whooping and hollering for the classic hits!


J worked his way through several tracks from his latest project “Villains” including the title track, “Jive Turkeys”, and “Falling Skies.” J took a minute to explain that the album is about striving to be a better person each day and the redemption that a villain can receive through faith and good works.

I was personally touched by the mini gospel session and the positive vibes J was giving the room. Every time I see this band I walk away feeling lifted up.

Make sure you catch J. Crum’s next show so you can experience the wave of positivity!

J. Crum’s music can be found on Spotify. You can also give him a follow on Facebook and Instagram @jcrummusic

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