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Kidd G Brings The Fun To The Waiting Room!

Story and Photos: Spencer Fleming

Last weekend (11/10), I had the chance to catch Kidd G at The Waiting Room and it was quite the hootenanny!

Back in January I was looking to branch out and do some more country shows so I randomly stumbled upon the Chase Matthew and Kidd G tour when it came to the Bourbon in Lincoln. Kidd G and his band really surprised me and so I knew I had to see him again when he came through Omaha on his "Anywhere But Home" tour.

Before the show I met up with my good friend Joe who shoots for his magazine The Review Junkie and we grabbed tacos with my oldest son Phoenix in Benson. As we walked past the Waiting Room on our way to the restaurant the line was already down the street. I could tell this was going to be a good show.

After some delicious tacos we showed up at The Waiting Room on time to catch the opener Graham Barham. With just an acoustic guitar and a microphone Graham did an awesome job rocking the crowd and getting the room warmed up for Kidd G. With several originals and some spirited covers including "Wagon Wheel" Graham had the crowd singing along loudly. Some kids in the front scooted closer as he spread a message of positivity and kindness. "You won't find happiness looking at your phone all day. Don't listen to negativity on social media. Do your best to love others and that's where you'll find your peace." What a refreshing change of pace! You can find Graham on Spotify where his top song "Break It In A Bar" has almost five million plays!

After a short break it was time for the man of the hour Kidd G! He came out sporting some low key jeans and cowboy boots with a red solo cup in hand. He raised his drink and toasted to having a good time in Omaha!

Within the first couple minutes Kidd G and his band were rocking out with the biggest smiles. You could tell this was going to be an epic party. From the front to the back the crowd danced and sang to hits like "Summer In A Small Town" and "I Don't Wanna". The front row was filled with shrieking girls hoping to catch a picture or better yet, one girl had Kidd G take a video on her phone. She jumped with joy and celebrated with her friends after Kidd handed the phone back.

After the first couple songs I hung in the back where a kid stood on a table top with his dad to get a better view. I spoke with the dad before the set started and he said all his son wanted for his birthday was Kidd G tickets. What an awesome birthday present! Kidd G and his band definitely delivered with a packed Waiting Room show.

Shout out to the birthday kid! A huge thanks to Kidd G management for photo access. This was a really fun show. Kidd G is definitely an artist to watch. The next time he comes through there's a good chance the Waiting Room will be too small to hold all of his fans.

Until next time, keep supporting live music and we'll see you in the crowd!

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