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Mac Saturn Sells Out Saint Andrew's Hall!

Story and Photos: Dak Kwas

Wrapping their "Until The Money Runs Out" tour strong, Mac Saturn headlined Friday night (11/25) at Saint Andrew's Hall in their hometown, Detroit. Having seen Mac Saturn three times this tour, I can confidently say the energy this weekend was unmatched by any previous shows. The guys were on fire and the crowd had zero problems absorbing and reflecting it.

Opening for Mac Saturn was The KLouds Band. Lead singer, Drey Skonie played Mr.Cadillac in Mac Saturn's "Mr. Cadillac" music video. The KLouds Band is also from Detroit. They call themselves "The New, Old School". I am honored to have gotten the opportunity to speak with Drey after the show.

Drey and the band agreed to answer a few questions for us. The band met ten years ago but truly found their chemistry five years ago and has been growing since. Growing up in musical families, they were introduced to gospel, blues, and funk early in life. When asked about their most memorable experience, the guys said "Opening for Mac Saturn at Saint Andrew's. The energy in particular from the crowd was amazing. Also, the way Mac Saturn has opened its doors to us has been beyond our expectations. Mac Saturn is full of talented, down-to-earth brothas". The KLouds Band has a message for our readers. "Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. And we hope you have your dancing shoes on when you come to our show."

Mac Saturn gave this sold-out crowd the show of a lifetime. This show specifically, was important to them because it was in their hometown for their family, friends, and fans. It was nothing short of extraordinary. Now, to mention the key factors that set this show apart from any other. The first song of the night was their single, "Diamonds", which made its way to their Until The Money Runs Out EP. Carson threw a healthy handful of diamonds into the crowd for fans as a souvenir and later, custom $100 bills promoting their website and merch.

Just before the encore, Carson introduced everyone to the members of the band and followed with a stellar performance of "5 Long Minutes". The involvement from the crowd that sprouted from this song was otherworldly. The energy was amplified at this point and held strong for the remainder of the show. Fans cheered for the individual members of the band during the break, anxiously awaiting their return.

Coming back for the encore, the band welcomed Drey Skonie back to the stage at the bridge of the song for a special performance of "Mr. Cadillac". Accompanied by pool stick props, like those in the music video, these guys made sure to remind us exactly why we were there, to see the best show of theirs to date. Front man, Carson Macc, announced a crew was present filming the first "Mac Saturn Movie", documenting the early stages of their journey to the top. The beginning of the road has been such a pleasure to watch and I'm confident that their momentum will not slow down anytime soon.

Mac Saturn is a group of talented, humble, and driven men. After months of touring, they are taking some much-needed time off and when it is time for them to return, we will welcome them back with open arms.

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