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Movements Bring The Ruckus Tour To Omaha!

Story and Photos: Spencer Fleming

Omaha was rocking on a Monday (4.22.24) when Orange County post-hardcore band Movements brought the second leg of their Ruckus tour to the Slowdown.

With the show at near capacity it was a hot one, both figuratively and literally! Movements have been steadily growing over the last couple years and Ruckus has proved to be the band's breakout release. The tour to support the album packed clubs across the U.S in 2023. Now with support from Tigers Jaw, Webbed Wing, and Paerish they're hitting the road again.

When the show was announced a few months ago I looked at the lineup and I noticed the band Paerish was in the opening slot. The name rang a bell so I gave them a quick Google. I was so stoked when I learned who they were. About six years ago I stumbled across Paerish on Spotify and if I remember correctly they only had a couple songs at the time, not even a full album. I reached out on Facebook and told them I really liked their music. They said their goal was to tour the U.S. someday. Fast forward and Paerish is on their first U.S. tour with Movements! I got to talk with Paerish's lead singer after the set and congratulated them on finally making the dream a reality.

Paerish did an awesome job getting the crowd pumped up with their distorted, jangly guitars and soothing Shoegaze melodies. Everyone in the room was vibing along with these Frenchmen and I was really happy with how well they were being received. The band played mostly new songs but threw it back to a few of their old songs which I recognized, towards the end of the set. I'm so glad I finally got to see them live. Paerish has a couple albums under their belt now so make sure to check them out on all streaming platforms.

After Paerish was the band Webbed Wing. Hailing from Philadelphia, Webbed Wing came to deliver dirty grunge-tinged riffs paired with upbeat vocals covering a wide range of lyrical topics like mental health, angst-filled breakups, etc.

Singer-guitarist Taylor Madison comes from a celebrated Philly band Superheaven, and in 2018 formed Webbed Wing with Jake Clarke (drums) and Mike Paulshock (bass). The three piece had the room rocking as a few circle pits started to break out. For a good thirty minutes we were treated to an eclectic blend of metal, country, and surfer grungepop. Webbed Wing has a new release on the way. Feel free to give them a follow so you don't miss it!

Following Webbed Wing was the indie-pop group Tigers Jaw. I had definitely seen the name come up before but was largely unfamiliar with Tigers Jaw's music before the show. I was pleasantly surprised with their upbeat Midwest emo meets synth-pop tunes. By now the crowd was packed in tight and the circle pits were in full force. It's funny to see people thrashing around to some power-pop bops, but with the energy Tigers Jaw was producing it makes sense that this younger crowd just had to get the wiggles out! Tigers Jaw has plenty of earworms, so the crowd participation was much more noticeable with full sing-alongs. Now that I've been exposed to their music I can't wait to dig into Tigers Jaw's back catalog. They have plenty of albums going back to 2006 so I've got some catching up to do!

Finally it was time to feel the Ruckus with Movements! The band came out firing on all cylinders. Lead singer Patrick Miranda bounced from one side of the stage to the other holding the mic out and getting everyone pumped up. The band blasted the bass kicking things off with "Lead Pipe" from the new album Ruckus! The crowd was absolutely smashed in against the stage by now and the circle pits were raging! Without a barricade the opportunity for crowd surfers and stage divers was at an all time high. After shooting the first couple songs from the ground I moved to the balcony to watch all the chaos unfold. There was a really young kid who made his way on stage and surfed out connecting with a fellow surfer along the way. It was such a cool moment to capture.

Crowd surfers and Movements fans!

Patrick challenged the crowd to give 100% of their energy calling out "Omaha we're at about 65% right now, we need to get that energy to 100!" When the band broke out "I Hope You Choke" the place went off! Patrick held the mic out letting the crowd sing along for him it was so loud. It felt like everyone in the room knew the words!

For a good hour Movements offered songs from across their discography but keeping most of the focus on Ruckus! Given the universal praise the album has received so far that made sense to me. I'm a fairly new fan of Movements but I've been going down the rabbit hole. These guys are seriously poised to blow up and I'm so appreciative I got the chance to see them in such a small venue like The Slowdown!

Seriously, if you get the chance you should see Movements live. It's a really fun time and I can't wait to do it again!

A huge thanks to Movements management for photo access.

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