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New Album Alert! Dirty Honey "Can't Find The Brakes!"

Story and Photo: Spencer Fleming


L.A Rockers Dirty Honey are back with a brand-new album Can't Find The Brakes! With their new single "Won't Take Me Alive" getting heavy play on Z.92 in Omaha and 104.1 The Blaze in Lincoln there was a lot of anticipation building, but the new tunes are here just in time for the weekend!

This past April, Dirty Honey - Marc LaBelle/vocals, John Notto/guitar, Justin Smolian/bass, and new drummer Jaydon Bean - headed to Australia to record the new album with long-time producer Nick DiDia. Unlike the band’s self-titled, full-length 2021 debut, which, due to the pandemic, had to be recorded via ZOOM with the band in Los Angeles and DiDia in Australia, Dirty Honey spent an entire month in the studio with DiDia.

Said vocalist Marc LaBelle, "Just physically being together in the studio with our producer made for a very creative environment; we got into such a groove, we were very focused, and not rushed, so it was great for all of us. We decided to call the album Can’t Find The Brakes because the title was almost a time capsule of our lives right now. We’re constantly on the move and living each day city by city. Sometimes being a touring musician can feel like you’re on a train going full speed, and even if you could find the brakes, would you really want to?”

Luckily I got a copy of the album a few weeks early so I've had the chance to spend some time with these new songs and let them sink in. There's a lot to enjoy here. From the opening track "Don't Put Out The Fire" which is a slow burner that builds into a real bluesy jam session complete with some gospel-type backing vocals to the catchy new single "Won't Take Me Alive" or the heartfelt ballad "Roam" there's something for everyone!

I can't wait to catch Dirty Honey live and experience these songs in person. They'll be hitting the Bourbon Theater in Lincoln on December 1. That's only a few weeks away so get those tickets now. I'm sure this will be a sell out so you don't want to miss it!

Click HERE to stream the new album and click HERE to purchase tickets to the show in Lincoln!


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