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Poppy Gets Wild at The Truman!

Story by Haley Mullenix

Last week (9/6) the Godless/Goddess Tour, co-headlined by Poppy and PVRIS took over the Truman here in Kansas City. With outfits ranging from platform boots decked out in all black, to frilly pink floral dresses and a pre-show playlist including Doja Cat and Kendrick Lamar…I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

Unfortunately photo access wasn't granted, so turn on your imagination caps!

The support and first act for the show was Pom Pom Squad. This solo project fronted by Mia Berrin took the stage with as much energy as you would expect from a headliner! Joining her was Alec Mercuri on guitar, Lauren Marquez on bass, and Shelby Keller on drums. Their pop-grunge fusion was a pleasant surprise and I found myself adding their music to a playlist as soon as I got home! Their energy was truly infectious as they jumped and danced around the stage, and with a bit of humor they had the crowd totally entranced. Mia gave her acknowledgements to the co-headliners saying how grateful she was to be on tour with two artists she admired…and that her ex girlfriend really liked before exclaiming, “Anyways…this next song is about depression!” Toward the end of the band's set they played a cover of Crimson and Clover which you can also hear on their latest album Death of a Cheerleader.

Next up, was our first headliner of the night PVRIS (pronounced “Paris”). Fronted by Lynn Gunn and bassist Brian Macdonald this duo creates an enticing combination of electropop and heavy rock. Having seen PVRIS back in 2016 as support for Fall Out Boy, I was excited to see how they had grown, and experience their show in a more intimate setting and they did not disappoint! This past July PVRIS released their latest album Evergreen which seemed to inspire the stage set up with grassy knolls and green lighting. Lynn did point out that it’s her favorite color but not before asking the crowd what theirs was first. The infectious energy was a recurring theme this night, and with a camera obscura like effect projected on the stage the whole set felt like being transported right into a music video.

Finally the time came for Poppy. As her band took the stage her set started with a bit of theatrics. Poppy’s voice could be heard over the speakers as her words projected across the screen. She began talking to what she referred to as “voice” as it woke her up to perform! Before taking the stage her voice and words across the screen read, “Ok, who wants to lead the prayer?” before the distorted voice began, “Poppy, our God…”

Poppy, also known as Moriah Rose Pereira when she’s not on stage or being a god, actually got her start on YouTube. It’s possible you’ve seen some of her performance art videos as they went viral back in 2014. As she made her way into music her style leaned towards electric-bubblegum-pop, but with her latest albums there’s a transition towards heavy metal! Still though you’ll find that pop-y (no pun intended) EDM-esque influence which she flawlessly blends together. The voice from the beginning made its way back a few times throughout the show which ended up meshing perfectly with her guttural vocalizations. Poppy is impossible to put in a box and the fun part is the unexpected! You can check out her latest release Flux and prepare for her upcoming release Zig set to release this October 27th.

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