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Saltwater Sanctuary Vibes At Maloney's

Story and Photos: Spencer Fleming

Last week (9/8) I caught a fun show at Maloney's in Council Bluffs. Saltwater Sanctuary played with fellow Omaha locals JAR, Delta Pink, and Park Anatomy.

I ran into Justin and Cody from Saltwater Sanctuary at the Outlandia Festival back in August and they told me about the Maloney's show. This was my first introduction to lead singer Justin, but I've known Cody for over five years now. Wow, time flies! I saw Cody's band State Disco at Maha Festival in 2018 and went on to shoot photos for them a couple times around Omaha. When I heard he was in Saltwater Sanctuary I knew it would be a good show to check out.

I got to Maloney's just a couple minutes late and Park Anatomy had just finished their set. I was able to check out their song on Spotify and it sounded solid. I'll make sure to catch them on the next one.

JAR played second. They had a heavy emo/alternative vibe similar to Taking Back Sunday, Front Bottoms, and Hot Mulligan. With heavy hitting drums and fast guitars they had the room shaking. You can check out JAR on Facebook.

Next up was Saltwater Sanctuary. When talking with lead singer Justin at Outlandia I learned we like a lot of the same bands and grew up listening to a lot of the same genres. At Outlandia we were both stoked to see Saddle Creek staples The Good Life.

After hearing Saltwater you can definitely tell that Saddle Creek had a huge influence on the band's sound. From jangly guitars that went from quiet to loud and hushed vocals that would explode into all out screams, the ghosts of Cursive and Bright Eyes were present. And that's not a slight at all, Saddle Creek remains some of the best musical years I've ever experienced. To pay homage to all those great bands is totally awesome.

I had a great time checking out Saltwater Sanctuary and was grateful for the invitation. I stuck around for Delta Pink before heading back across the river to Omaha. Delta Pink are some young guns with an almost surf style shred. Their upbeat set closed out the night with a lot of energy!

Thanks to Maloney's for keeping live music going in the metro!

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