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Scowl Packs The Reverb!

Story and Photos: Spencer Fleming

Hardcore punk rockers Scowl packed the Reverb last night (10/10) with a sold out show! Scowl is out in support of their new EP Psychic Dance Routine. For direct support Scowl brought along the alternative pop punk band Militarie Gun.

Before the two headliners, hardcore bands Fire Sign and Big Laugh kicked things off. Both of these bands brought the heavy caveman riffs and pounding drums. Unfortunately the crowd was so wild I was only able to eek out a few pics of Big Laugh. There was so much crowd killing I barely escaped with my life! At one point the local karate bro (see previous articles from Spite and Knocked Loose for reference) jumped off a guy's back and launched himself at least 8 feet in the crowd. I was amazed that he didn't smash his head on the light fixture he got so much air.

After the two hardcore bands it was time for Militarie Gun. I've seen these guys pop up on TikTok several times and apparently Post Malone is a big fan. They've been having a breakout year and released a new album Life Under The Gun back in June. Militarie Gun's sound reminded me of early Green Day. In fact, they opened the set with one of their more well known songs "Do It Faster" and the drum beat is exactly the same as "Know Your Enemy" with just a bit faster tempo. Being that these guys are young and most likely grew up rocking American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown on the bus to middle school this makes perfect sense.

The crowd responded with lots of jumping and sing-alongs as Militarie Gun lit up the room. For a good half hour the band stepped on the gas and never let up. All their songs brought the energy and got the place whipped into a frenzy. Make sure to give Militarie Gun a listen. Their new album Life Under The Gun is out now!

As the house lights went down "Girl From Ipanema" came over the stereo. It was a cheeky move knowing what would come next. As soon as Scowl hit the stage the room exploded, their shredding guitars and frenzied drums had the place on fire! From both sides of the stage kids were diving everywhere knocking people down like bowling pins. Everyone pushed forward and back in a sweaty blob of bodies. This is what I love about small shows, the controlled chaos.

Scowl lead singer Kat Moss bounced around in her school uniform look with wild green hair. She alternated between clean vocals and low growling screams like a champ. After a few songs Kat called for a circle pit and the crowd obliged, whirling around with fury.

Scowl started as a hardcore band but has stretched their sound on their latest release Psychic Dance Routine, venturing into more of a 90s alternative vibe, drawing comparisons to The Breeders, Veruca Salt, and Hole. I personally liked all of it. The fast-paced hardcore punk fit just fine along the laid back alternative jams.

Scowl did an awesome job rocking the Reverb crowd. I wouldn't be surprised to see them playing The Admiral or at least the bigger Waiting Room the next time they roll through. If you missed Scowl last night I'm bummed for you. This was definitely a "I saw them when" kind of show. Make sure to check out Scowl's new EP Psychic Dance Routine available now on all streaming platforms!

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