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Six Forty1 Boogie Down at Barnato

The hot new country act Six Forty1 is out on the road in support of Tyler Rich and the 2,000 (more) miles tour. Tonight (3/12) they made a stop at the Barnto Lounge in Omaha and the place was packed! It was an absolute pleasure stretching my musical reach beyond rock, metal, and hip hop.

While SixForty1 is far from the traditional Americana of Hank Williams or Johnny Cash, the spirit of country could still be felt in their lyrics, their soulful singing, and the bit of southern twang in their guitars. One thing is for sure, these dudes know how to start the party. From the first guitar note to the last drum beat the drinks were clinking and the fans were swaying.

Most of SixForty1's material focused on tales of heartbreak, partying with your friends, and spending summer evenings living life to the fullest. I really enjoyed the songs "Not Me Missing You", "Plane Crazy", and the cover of Machine Gun Kelly's "My Ex's Best Friend". Again, not exactly pure roots country, but that's ok. Life is too short to squabble over "They're not real country". From my view the band was rocking and the crowd was loving every minute of it.

Let's all raise a glass to life and keep the party going!

You can catch SixForty1 on a few more dates of the Tyler Rich tour here:

Tuesday, March 15, Houston, TX

Wednesday, March 16, San Antonio, TX

Thursday, March 17, Dallas, TX

Friday, March 18, Columbia, MO

Saturday, March 19, Fort Smith, AR

Wednesday, March 30, Lexington, KY

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