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Sleeping With Sirens Kick Off the Medicine Tour in Lincoln

Updated: Oct 18, 2022


Sleeping With Sirens hit the Bourbon Theater in Lincoln Wednesday night (1/8) to kick off their 21 date Medicine tour. SWS brought along three additional bands including Set it Off, Belmont, and Point North. All four bands showed up ready to rock and they did not disappoint. It was a great show to start the year.

The night jumped off with the L.A. band Point North. They dished out some tasty pop rock jams and got the crowd going. The best part of the set was when they played a brand new song and SWS lead singer Kellin Quinn joined them for some guest vocals. As soon as Kellin stepped out the crowd went nuts! It was a nice teaser for what was to come. I caught up with the guys in Point North after their set and they were super nice. They’re going to be touring for much of 2020 so there’s a good chance they will be back through the Midwest soon.


Next was the band Belmont from Chicago. Unfortunately, the band’s lead singer Taz was really sick so he couldn’t perform. But, like true professionals the rest of the band stepped up and gave a killer performance. These guys were a little more pop punk than pop rock. You could tell they took some influence from their Chicago forefathers Fall Out Boy.

Later in the show, Kellin from SWS said Belmont’s record was one of his favorite releases of 2018. I spoke with Sam Patt guitarist from Belmont after their set and wished their singer the best. Sam said they would be in Chicago on 1/10 so hopefully the day off and the hometown love would get him back on his feet.

You can catch Belmont when they open for Tiny Moving Parts at the Slowdown on April 11. Also on the bill is the band Jetty Bones who we covered last year. It’s going to be an awesome show. Get tickets now so you don’t miss out!


After Belmont was the band Set it Off. These guys took the party to the next level and came out of the gate swinging. With bouncy pop rhythms and bright guitars they had energy for days. It was a tough photo shoot because they never stopped moving! Not only were the songs super fun and catchy, lead singer Cody Carson absolutely slayed his vocal performance. Brendon Urie has been put on notice, there’s a new contender for best pop punk/emo vocalist. During the set Carson mentioned that he had a vocal injury in 2019 and the band took six months off while he healed. With how amazing their set was I think it’s safe to say Carson is back to full strength. Keep an eye on these guys. 2020 could be their break out year.


After some sound checking it was time for SWS to take the stage. Some dark and ominous music played over the house speakers and a countdown began. 10..9..8. Kellin and crew stepped out and the crowd screamed with excitement!


SWS launched into “Leave It All Behind” from their latest release How It Feels To Be Lost, then kept the energy up with another new one “Never Enough.” Much like all the bands previous the energy level was on 10 right from the start.

I really enjoyed the versatility SWS displayed during their set. Earlier in their career they were more of a pop punk act, but on their latest release the band’s sound has shifted to a bit darker, heavier metalcore feel. Kellin mentioned that he wrote How It Feels To Be Lost after one of the darkest periods in his life. “If someone out there feels it, it was all worth it.” Judging by the crowd who looked they were in their teens and early 20s I’m sure they can relate. SWS covered a lot of ground in their 15 song set including several songs from How It Feels To Be Lost and a good mix of older material. SWS closed with one of their earlier hits “If You Can’t Hang” and the fans loudly sang every word.

Sleeping With Sirens is Kellin Quinn vocals, Jack Fowler lead guitar, Nick Martin rhythm guitar, Justin Hills bass, and Gabe Barham drums.

The Medicine tour continues tonight (1/10) in Joliet, Illinois at the Forge and wraps up February 8 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Can’t make it to the Medicine tour? You can catch Sleeping With Sirens later this summer at Sonic Temple Festival. Tickets are still available for this most awesome 3 day event. Check it out HERE!

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