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Slipknot: From Dirt Pit To World Tour

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Story and Photos: Virginia Fleming

Friday, March 18th, 2022 marks the four year anniversary for Stories from the Crowd! What better way to celebrate than a Slipknot concert in Omaha, NE.

As a long-time music fan, thinking of the work we've done over the past four years, I reminisced about one of my first concerts.

I'm sure many of you have experienced the release a great concert can be, but it helped me through a dark, fear-filled, and horrid block of time in my youth. I drowned myself in music. I was so fortunate to go to Ozzfest 99' in Bonner Springs, KS.

Back then there weren't digital tickets on a phone. You had to go to a local record store or JC Penny and buy a print-out ticket. Then you printed a map off of Yahoo and hoped you didn't get lost on the way to the venue.

I went for Deftones, Static X, Apartment 26, Primus, and Rob Zombie but found so much more to fall in love with! Now, my memory is not fantastic (kicked in the head by crowd surfers and circle pit falls too many times).

From everything I've seen online, Slipknot played on second stage at Ozzfest. However, I could swear that for the show I attended in Bonner Springs, Slipknot played on a 3rd stage. You had to walk around the back of the main stage into a wooded area and tucked back was a small stage in a dirt pit.

As I walked towards the shabby little stage set-up there was only a few songs left in the set, but it left a massive impression. I had never seen a band with nine members all going nuts displaying so much energy! Of course I bought a shirt with the jumpsuit-dawning, masked band. I wore it till the print was crusty and holes could no longer be mended.

After returning to Omaha, I borrowed the CD from a friend who bought it at the show (mooch). I can still remember the moment I jumped off the school bus, popped the CD into my portable player, and heard "742617000027" on my walk home.

I was in love with Aphex Twin at the time and was excited to hear the similar style. The second song on the album, "(sic)", opened a door in my mind and nothing was the same.

When the double base drum came in, it was an experience I can't forget. I had never heard anything like it and almost couldn't comprehend what it was. From that moment I was a true fan.

Fast forward to 2022. We have an amazing, self-created music/arts publication, are celebrating four years, and are ready for many more to come. Looking at Stories from the Crowd beginnings, before it was ever even a thought or dream until now, is echoed in memories of Slipknot's story.

Last night's Slipknot show at CHI Health Center in Omaha, NE was an inspiration to where they came from and how they and their stage show has evolved.

Being from the Midwest Slipknot has always been a proud staple of the heavy music scene in Omaha and Lincoln. Lead singer Corey Taylor addressed the crowd of several thousand "We're only two hours away from where this band started. We've always considered Omaha our second home!!"

It was amazing to see the connection between Slipknot and their "home base". Several times Corey lifted the house lights up to check on his "family". To be a part of their journey going all the way back to 1999 has been a pure joy.

Slipknot played an amazing set of newer material including "Chapeltown Rag" and "All Out Life", went back to older material like "Sulfur" and "Custer" and even pulled out the heart-felt ballad "Snuff". Corey told the crowd "I don't think we've ever played this one in Omaha before", and I think he was right. It was my first time hearing the song live along with several thousand screaming fans.

Nearly every song was accompanied by loud sing-alongs and fists in the air. Until the last note the sea of fans danced, sang, and head-banged to the Midwest champions of metal.

Seeing Slipknot go from a tiny stage in a dirt pit to packed arenas has been incredible. While flame guitars, fireballs, multiple levels, and new members are impressive, nothing will ever be more impressive than my introduction to this legendary band.

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-Unfortunately, no photographers were allowed to shoot this band-


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