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Spoti-Five: Earth Mix April 16-20,2018


It’s Earth Day week! So get out there and do some good. Plant a tree, rescue an injured animal, or just take out the recycling. “Remember to pick up the trashin after the thrashin!” – Virginia Fleming (Yep I’m married to this one).

Here are my picks for Earth Day week.

Metallica – Blackened

“See our mother, put to death, see our mother die!!!” It’s pretty simple, we’re destroying the earth. This song is from 1988! Imagine how trashed the earth is now, yikes!

Matisyahu – Chop Em Down

“From the forest, itself comes the handle for the ax, chop em down, chop em down” Matisayhu has always done an amazing job painting lyrical pictures, and this song is no exception. Moving through the forest, desert, and ocean in biblical Egypt, you get a small glimpse of early Hebrew life.

Incubus – Stellar

“Meet me in outer space, we could spend the night, watch the earth come up.” The second single from Incubus’ breakthrough album “Make Yourself,” “Stellar” was a huge hit in the summer of 2000. I still find this song getting heavy rotation in my daily listening.

Deftones – Diamond Eyes

“Time will see us realign, diamonds rain across the sky, shower me into the same realm” Dang, Chino is so smooth on this one. This whole album is classic. If you haven’t heard it, drop everything and take a listen. You will not be disappointed.

Misfits – Astro Zombies

“With just a touch of my burning hand, I send my astro zombies to rape the land, prime directive, exterminate the whole human race.” Again, another song with awesome imagery. Danzig really knows how to spin a tale. For a twist on this one, check out My Chemical Romance’s cover on the Tony Hawk: American Wasteland soundtrack.

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