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Tech N9ne Gets Wild at the Bourbon Theatre


Lincoln was bumping Friday night as Tech N9ne and a few guests rocked a sold out show at the Bourbon Theatre. From front to back people were ready to party!

I’ve known about Tech N9ne for a long time, but this was my first experience seeing him live. Tech kept things interesting with lots of guests including Kriz Kaliko, King ISO, and Scru Face.

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen issues I missed Scru Face and Kriz but I did make it in time for King ISO.

Hailing from my hometown of Omaha, NE, King ISO is making moves! His new album World War Me is dropping on Tech N9ne’s Strange Music label on March 13 and he’s currently touring with Tech and Kriz. Things are looking good for our hometown dude. King ISO put in a great 30 minute performance with a fast flow and funky beats. On more than one occasion the crowd was waving and chanting along with ISO. He smiled and pointed to the air in appreciation. Check out ISO’s new album when it drops in March. He’s on tour through early summer, but I would expect an Omaha show not long after that.


One of the differences I’ve noticed between rock and hip hop shows is the stage set up time. At a rock show there’s typically a good 20 minutes to sound check the next band’s equipment and get things up and running. Since most hip hop shows rely on backing tracks, things can be switched over rather quickly.

So, after a short break I took my place in the pit and got ready to capture the ever-wild Tech N9ne. Before the set I tried to grab some snaps of the crowd and they happily obliged. Soon, the chants for Tech started. “Tech Nina,” “Tech Nina”!

An L.E.D. screen fired up with a logo that said “Stranger Thing,” modeled after the “Stranger Things” television show logo.

A man in a skeleton mask stepped forth. “My mother named me Aaron Dontez Yates. I became Tech N9ne!” What’s my name? The crowd chanted “Nina”! A fireball blast flashed on the screen and Tech’s deep bass kicked in.


Tech blasted through his first song while aggressively stalking the stage. It didn’t take long before a bra flew through the air. Tech whipped it around like a victory flag at the Indy 500!

I read an article that mentioned what happens to all of the bras from Tech N9ne shows. Apparently he collects them and donates them to women’s shelters for victims of domestic violence. What a unique way to help the community.

After a solo song Kriz joined Tech on stage and stayed for the rest of the set. Together, they rapped and did choreographed dance moves to an auditory history of Tech N9ne’s entire career. Each song had an accompanying video playing on the screen at the back of the stage. Most were flashy depictions of wealth and success including jewels, cars, and attractive party guests, but some were made to look like a horror movie.


I really enjoyed Tech’s lyrical perspective. While some songs were the typical bragging about riches, a lot of the songs focused on the strength of perseverance and being yourself.

Towards the end of the set Tech busted out some of his biggest hits including “Errebody But Me” and “Hood Go Crazy.” The crowd responded with whoops of joy.

Tech thanked the crowd for all the years of support and said no matter how big he gets he’ll always come back and play the Bourbon Theatre. Tech N9ne has been in the game for a long time so it’s cool to see him rocking rocking sold out shows, getting name dropped on Eminem’s new album, and even getting to be the Kansas City Chief’s spirit leader. With so much love for the Midwest I’m sure the next Bourbon show will be an easy sell out. Keep bumping Tech N9ne!


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