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The Credentials Celebrate New Album!

Story and Photos: Linsey Gividen

I was already feeling lucky as I found a parking spot right next to the Bourbon on a Friday night. I was suggested this concert based on my love of alternative rock music and I was excited to see what the night had in store.

The first band came onto stage with a wide range of clothing aesthetics but the one I noted the most was the drummer. He wore a tie-dye shirt tucked into some lighter wash jeans. His outfit matched the vibe of the music and the band name made me laugh. Their name is Cat Piss and their music was great. Something I noticed was how well the band harmonized during their songs.

Each of their voices added a unique blend to the jazzy instrumentals, which reminded me of a heavier version of Mother Mother. They brought amazing energy and they wished one of their members a happy birthday on stage. I thoroughly enjoyed all the long instrumental breakdowns and their amazingly talented voices.

They were followed up by Garst, who borrowed one of the band members from Cat Piss to play with them. Garst had a very classic alternative rock style. Their energetic members jumped and waved their guitars around getting the crowd hyped up.

They asked if the crowd had been playing the new LEGO Star Wars game before continuing to play the song “Greedo Shot First” which is a reference to Star Wars Episode 4 and a very controversial argument amongst Star Wars fans. Even with the energetic music and moshing of the crowd, Garst had a very laid back sound to them. It reminds me of indie alternative rock which is a genre I have always loved. A friend of mine referred to them as “a rougher, more raw version of Hippocampus”. They had a unique sound of surf rock mixed with 70s vibes. During Garst's set I spotted two men in overalls do-si-do-ing in a corner together. I think it's safe to say the crowd was having a good time.

The Credentials hyped up the crowd and left us in suspense as the band members gathered from the crowd to backstage. The band was celebrating the release of their new Album Memoria which just dropped on April 15.

Within the first song, lead singer/guitarist Everest had broken one of his strings. Their music threw me back to middle school with their garage punk indie sound. During their song “Life’s a Beach”, the band and their crew threw out signed beach balls. They voiced their thanks for the support, threw out a free t-shirt, and continued to put on a show. The crowd danced and moshed along to the beat and I watched one guy fall over trying to hit a beach ball. It reminded me of the essence of what punk and alternative music stands for. They invited their friend, Grace Lundy, on stage since she helped write their song “Somewhere at the Bottom”.

Attending this show really helped me understand the unity and love small, local bands have for each other. It made me appreciate the tight-knit friendships created and the support for everyone within the scene.

Thanks to The Credentials for the guest spot. The Credentials new album Memoria is out now on all platforms!

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The Credentials


Cat Piss

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