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The Drinkery Gets Weird!

Story and Photos: Spencer Fleming

The Drinkery got weird Saturday (9/16) with an eclectic lineup of local and regional talent. From industrial to speed metal to all out wacko-metal, it was a show to remember.

My buddy Tim started the night off with his industrial project Zuneg and The Doom Choir. When Tim told me he did all the programming and performed with computer setups, all I could think about was that episode of Friends where Ross brings out his keyboard from college and gets trashed by his roommates after playing some garbage tracks. Luckily this was much better.

Tim started off slow with some gothic guitar plucking and a low hum over looped beats. His falsetto vocals did resemble a dystopian choir so the name rings true. Between songs there were quotes from movies like The Thing and Blade Runner. The second quote about replicants ushered in two heavier industrial songs with sped up beat loops and a wall of sound. I really enjoyed these two because they drew similar to Team Sleep and Crosses. You can check out more Zuneg on Spotify.

After Zuneg were some visitors from Topeka, KS, Confined In Flesh. Just the name alone sounds harrrrrd. This three piece brought the ultra heavy blast beats and melted our faces! Their drummer looked like metal Santa Claus and I heard it was his birthday. Someone said he was turning 56, hot dang! He's still back there blasting away! I hope to have that much energy at 56. Confined In Flesh has an E.P. on Spotify. Check it out and get your headbanging on!

It was at this point in the evening when things got really weird. The last two acts The Weird and Y-Incision blew the doors off the place! Let's get into The Weird.

You all know Louie Hazard right? He's a Scabby Ghoul, Miami Heat super-fan, and Meme Lord, but did you know he's also a guitar god?? His new band The Weird really knocked my socks off. A lot of times for me personally, I start to meld songs together when it comes to heavier speed metal or thrash metal. The Weird kept things fresh with different patterns and grooves on every song. While they were super heavy they had a nice touch of prog that really kept things interesting. I could definitely tell where one song ended and the next began. All three members played exceptionally well, but I found myself focusing on Louie's wicked style. His guitar looked like an orc's axe or something, and the way he mixed the whammy bar with these "wacka wacka" chunky riffs was just killer. The Weird are out here kicking some serious butt. Make sure to give them a follow so you can catch their next show!

The last band of the night, Y-Incision, was absolutely nuts. I had seen some photos and listened to a couple songs, but there's nothing like seeing it live. Just three dudes causing an absolute scene. With only a guitar, drums, and a guy in some panty-hose and a blood stained shirt, they rocked our faces off! Every song was a break-neck thrash of unintelligible screaming and lightning riffs.

At one point the lead singer threw out a piñata. The crowd quickly smashed it to bits and NSFW items popped out. After that a dude in the crowd started wrestling the lead singer and screaming into the mic. I've seen some wild stuff, but for a local show this was pretty crazy.

One thing I almost forgot to mention, these dudes brought their own lights! As a photographer this was so appreciated. Note to local bands, if you want better photos, bring your own lights! If you like super fast thrash metal and shenanigans, Y-Incision is definitely in your lane.

A huge thanks to all the bands that played and The Drinkery for hosting. Special thanks to Tim with Zuneg & The Doom Choir for inviting me out.

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