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The Nocturnal Affair Wows The Barnato!

Story and Photos: Spencer Fleming

Late last week I got an invite to check out The Nocturnal Affair at The Barnato on Saturday (6/3/23). Tom George of TAG Publicity has never steered me wrong and since the venue is like 9 minutes away I happily obliged.

I had an event earlier in the evening in Midtown so I was able to swing by and grab my buddy Jason before hitting Barnato. We tried to grab dinner at Mr. Goodcents in Village Pointe before the show but there was a sign on the door saying they had run out of bread! Geez, what a bummer, we had to settle for Subway. No matter, we got to Barnato with plenty of time to spare. I spotted Adam from Revenant Media on the patio so we hung out and talked shop for a while before heading in and finding a good spot up front for the show.

The Nocturnal Affair hails from Las Vegas and they have a pop-rock feel with a bit of industrial vibes thrown in. I picked up hints of Godhead which was really cool. If you don't remember those guys give them a Google, they were awesome. I have to give credit to Adam, but after I pointed out the Godhead reference he said "They sound like the Adam Gontier version of Three Days Grace". After he pointed that out it totally made sense. Not to say The Nocturnal Affair didn't have their own style, just lots of influences peeked through.

During the band's set they had some fun moments including the cover of "What Is Love" by Haddaway. I love it when bands do things to show they don't take themselves too seriously. The lead singer bounced along and got the crowd involved when singing the chorus "Oh baby don't hurt me" haha. Towards the end of the set The Nocturnal Affair played the classic "It's No Good" by Depeche Mode and absolutely killed it. The heavy guitars sprawling over the synth melodies were an awesome touch.

Overall it was a really fun set. If you get the chance to catch The Nocturnal Affair you won't be disappointed. Thanks to Tom for the invite. Check out the pics below!


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