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Third Eye Blind Brings The Nostalgia To Stir Cove

Story and Photos: Audrey Wright

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Now back to the story....

I would be lying if I didn’t say that my teenage self was screaming on the inside Wednesday night (6/29) at Stir Cove. Third Eye Blind, Taking Back Sunday, and Hockey Dad brought the heat and a very large stage production to the venue. The show was delayed for about an hour due to electrical issues, so the Stories team headed inside the casino to cool off and chat. Another fellow photographer, Joe Desanti, who runs The Review Junkie, joined us. Go check out his work. Now back to the music.

Hockey Dad was up first. Their music reminded me of a mix of Wavves and 90’s punk rock. They had “California beach” vibes and their drummer reminded me of Spicoli from Fast Times At Ridgemont High. Hockey Dad definitely brought their cool vibes on this very hot day.

Up next was Taking Back Sunday. I've been a huge fan of theirs since I was a teen. If you had told me I’d be shooting for them one day, my mind would have blown. They played some new songs, and of course, my favorite tunes from their album Louder Now. If you saw me screaming the lyrics of "Liar Liar" and "MakeDamnSure", mind your business. Their set brought me back to my teen years, and if you knew me back then, I’m sorry. I had the time of my life during their set. Mom, I made it.

Last but, not least, was Third Eye Blind. They totally brought the 90’s nostalgia back for their set. They also had a crazy stage production. Two sets of ramps with piano on one and the drum kit on the other. It made for easy shooting. The light show was also killer. Shout out to their stage crew. Us photographers appreciate you and so does the crowd. Third Eye Blind had a lengthy set list that included new and old songs spanning across all of their albums. They even played a killer cover of "Disorder" by Joy Division.

I would like to thank Stir Cove once again for all of the amazing things they do and for letting us come back continuously. The Stories team appreciates you all. Thank you to everyone on this tour, for putting on a great show. Lastly, I would personally like to thank Taking Back Sunday, you guys got me through a lot of hard times when I was a teen. Thankful always for the music you put out and for the amazing people that you are. I had the time of my life. Until next time, friends.

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Third Eye Blind

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