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Third Eye Blind Lights Up The Orpheum!

Story and Photos: Spencer Fleming

90s staple Third Eye Blind hit the Orpheum Thursday night (4/6) to a packed house of alternative music lovers. I was a little surprised when I saw the start time was 9:00. Kinda late for a Thursday night. As the clock struck 9:00 Third Eye Blind arrived to thunderous applause. No opening acts, just the San-Fransisco rockers ready to give Omaha all they had.

Stephen and the boys played for nearly two hours with a career spanning set including some newer tracks, a stripped down acoustic session, and of course all the hits we've grown to love like "Jumper", "Semi-Charmed Life", and "How's It Gonna Be".

Stephen mentioned that the band was supposed to be on tour in support of a new album but he hand't finished the lyrics yet. Towards the end of the set Stephen said "I vow to finish those lyrics because we'd be delighted to come back to Omaha". The crowd whooped and hollered at the sentiment. I've seen Third Eye Blind several times over the years and they never disappoint. As a child of the 80s/90s there's a great comfort in hearing songs of your youth performed to perfection.

When Stephen finishes those lyrics and they come back, you know I'll be there front and center capturing it all.

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Third Eye Blind


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