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Top 5 Jasta-isms

Written by Spencer Fleming

The Heartland Throwdown is going on tonight! With 9 bands on two stages it’s going to be one awesome show. At the top of the bill is Hatebreed, one of the most successful hardcore metal crossovers on the scene today. We’ll be speaking with Hatebreed lead singer Jamey Jasta at a fan meet-up before the show, and we hope to have a few quotes for our review we’ll be posting tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are our top 5 favorite Jasta-isms from “The Jasta Show” podcast.

#5 – Bangers

A Banger is slang for a great album track. “Diamond Eyes by Deftones has some bangers on there!”

diamond eyes

#4 – Dudes Just Want to Pit

Hatebreed’s music is loud, fast, and aggressive. Throw a bunch of sweaty dudes in the room and a circle pit is bound to break out.

circle pit

#3 – Welcome to Moshville

When a song’s opening riff is particularly fast and crunchy and makes you want to smash a window, “Welcome to Moshville”.

mosh pit

#2 – Mosh Retirement

Some songs just give you that instant feeling of youth and aggression. When you hear it you think back to when you were young and crazy, and would go to shows and stage dive with your friends. When the band plays it now, you get a boost of energy and decide to rush into the pit, coming out of “Mosh Retirement”.

stage dive

#1 – Harrrrrrrd!

Jasta is a walking dictionary for metal and hardcore music. He’s one of the leading authorities on what qualifies as a heavy track. So when he tells you a song is “Harrrrrrrd!” you better believe it!


Thanks for checking out my Top 5 Jasta-ims. Be on the lookout for my concert review of the Heartland Throwdown tomorrow March 23, 2018!

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