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Trampled By Turtles Take Over The Uptown!

Story and Photos: Haley Mullenix

Saturday (12/10) I was lucky to see Trampled By Turtles for the third time! TBT is a bluegrass folk band reigning from Duluth, Minnesota. With six members this band commands your attention gracefully. The first time I saw them was at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado and the second at Hinterland music festival in Iowa. Having only seen them thus far with large crowds, I was excited to see them in a more personal setting. My brother is a fan and got me into them, so of course he was there as well and I knew it’d be a great show.

This Kansas City show would be the last on their current tour run before picking back up later this month. Joining them was Sumbuck, the solo project of Taylor Meier of the band CAAMP. Taylor and his band took the stage and began to play what Sumbuck says is, “music from the Midwest for lovers and loners.” With their mellow bluesy sound they eased the crowd into a night full of revelry.

When the time for Trampled came, the stage was adorned with large diamond shaped prisms with owls carved into each side. As the light shone through and around them, it gave the stage a cathedral-esque appearance. Fitted with a guitar, acoustic bass, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, and a cello the six members made their way in front of the crowd. What I appreciate about Trampled is their ability to garner your attention with simply their talent. No crazy lights or stage antics are needed, just them and their instruments. The crowd sang and swayed and some even twirled around in the walkways all feeling moved by the sound.

The band was feeling it too. With each of their respective solos you could see on their face how they were enjoying themselves. Cellist Eamonn McLain stood out to me as he jumped and bobbed around throughout the set with a smile on his face. Ryan Young and Erik Berry also both wowed me as they played the fiddle and mandolin with palpable emotion. Lead vocalist Dave Simonett filled this theater turned folk cathedral effortlessly with his heartfelt lyrics as he stood between Dave Carol on the banjo and Tim Saxhaug on bass.

Eventually the time came for their last few songs. Joining them, Sumbuck took the stage again to help sing ‘Alone’ the second track off their 2012 album Stars and Satellites. The entire show felt like a celebration. It's hard to not feel moved by the talent and heart that is put into Trampled by Turtles’ music. I am always so grateful to be in the presence of live music and every time I’ve seen TBT they solidify those feelings.

If you haven’t already, check out their music! They have a new album out, Alpenglow released this past October. They also have some shows scheduled for the winter and early spring!

Thank you to Trampled by Turtles team for having me. I can’t wait to do it again sometime!

December 28 Ithaca, NY State Theatre of Ithaca

December 29 Boston, MA House of Blues Boston

December 30 State Theatre, Portland, Maine

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Trample By Turtles


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