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Weyes Blood Illuminates In Darkness!

Story and Photos: Haley Mullenix

Last Friday (8/25), The Truman here in Kansas City opened its doors for a night of whimsical revelry and a sweet escape from the heat. Very few things can make me or anyone want to leave the cool AC of their homes to face the muggy air of a missouri summer, but Weyes Blood was worth it!

Giant fans spun above as everyone made themselves comfortable inside being sure to grab merch, drinks, and a good spot! Starting the night was the Brooklyn-based Nick Hakim. The singer/songwriter got his start in church choir where he taught himself piano and soon after released his first E.P. His R&B style was brought to life on stage with his guitar in hand and some cassette tapes he’d flip through for each track. His beats felt a bit reminiscent of Mac Miller and It was all a tad nostalgic thinking about how it seemed he could have jumped in for a verse at any moment! Just five days ago Nick announced on his instagram the release of a single “Restless Thoughts” he helped produce with fellow artist Zooey Celeste. You can check out Nick Hakim on Spotify, and stream his latest 2022 release, “COMETA” !

The time for Weyes Blood drew closer and as the stage was set with flickering candlesticks and moody lighting. It felt like a step back in time or a step sideways into some alternate ethereal timeframe. That might be a bit far-out but it's definitely not far off!

Weyes Blood (pronounced Wize Blood as you’ll see on their website) is singer/songwriter Natalie Laura Mering. Born into a deeply religious family, she uses the idea of “sacred music in a sacred space” to influence her own. In a radio interview with KPCC she stated, “When I record, I think about sacred space and I think about what would be the sound of your soul if there is music coming out of it.” This makes Weyes Blood unique in its storytelling and Natalie's voice is whimsical with the likes of a siren.

Floating around the stage in a sparkly white gown adorned with a matching cape I couldn’t help but think of other great artists such as Florence Welch and even Stevie Nicks who was fresh on my mind after she performed recently in Kansas City.

Usually the standard at shows is to shoot the first three songs, but for Weyes Blood we were asked to wait until the ninth song to begin shooting. At first it seemed odd but we soon realized it was for good reason! Turning away from the crowd as the lights dimmed, Natalie turned back to reveal a red glowing heart shining through her dress which she said “only glows on good nights.” The crowd loved it, myself included! It was a cool surprise and I think a bit of theatrics can elevate a show entirely, plus, it was very fitting for her latest album, And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow. Be sure to catch Weyes Blood while they're still in these early years. Artists who play the Truman don’t tend to stay in these venue sizes for long!

Thanks to Weyes Blood management for photo access!

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Weyes Blood


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