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Descendents Crash Omaha!

Story and Photos: Virginia Fleming

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Now back to the story....

Thursday night (9/15) was filled with punk rock energy at the Admiral in Omaha Nebraska.

As fans trickled in, I was able to scout the merch booth to see only three bands would be playing rather than the four that were promoted. An anticipated opening band, H2O, was advertised to play, however, their leg of the tour had unfortunately ended which disappointed several attending fans.

Cliffdiver came on stage with a bang as a small crowd started to pack in towards the front. This opening band was ready to pump up the crowd. Their set moved all over the stage with jumping, flying hair, and head banging. One singer had a melodic singing style while the other was traditional punk. The juxtaposition gave them a unique sound within the punk rock scene.

Next, Surfbort took the stage in a reserved way. Their calm demeanor quickly dissolved and shifted into a hard-hitting classic punk sound. The singer’s demeanor would go from sweet and innocent bouncing around the stage to a thrashing rebellion. At one point the singer joined the pit dancing and singing. The crowd loved it. From where I stood, I could see the crowd go calm and then wild as the music and singer would change temperament. After their set the lead singer took the time to take photos and sign autographs with fans and displayed a genuine gratitude for each one.

By now a pretty decent crowd had gathered as Decendents took their places. Right from the start the band had the room going wild as a giant circle pit emerged. The charged audience sang along loudly and pumped their fists. Descendents formed in 1977, but these punk rock pioneers are still out there brining their A game. Over the next hour they tore through over 27 songs giving Omaha a hefty helping of punk rock.

Just before the encore, the lead singer of Surfbort joined in singing "Suburban Home" to the lively crowd. The pit did not disappoint in bringing out the old school punk rock dance moves and new ones that I could only describe as Tik Tok-esque. A note about the pit: Just go with the flow, enjoy the moment, experience authenticity. You might get pummeled depending on the show so enter at your own discretion. I admit, I’m a get-into-the-pit kind of person. It’s the best place to experience a show and feel the energy and I think that proved true on this night. A huge thanks to Descendents for bringing their legendary punk rock energy to Omaha and to Mammoth Productions for setting up photo access.

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