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Jeff Carlson Band Rocks Dr. Jack's Drinkery

Story and photos: Spencer Fleming

Dr. Jack's Drinkery was rocking Friday night to the sounds of old fashioned rock and roll! The Las Vegas born Jeff Carlson Band made a stop in Omaha and they had some help from the Omaha band My Juliet.

Sometimes the smaller down-to-earth shows end up being the most fun. A few miles away Bon Jovi was rocking a sold out crowd at the CHI center, but inside Dr. Jack's the room was shaking with classic rock riffs, tight leather pants, and a lot of heart.

My Juliet kicked things off with their throwback 80s rock sound. With band members rocking tattoos of Motely Crue and KISS you could tell where there influences lie. For an act like the Jeff Carlson Band these guys were a perfect pairing. My Juliet's original songs were groovin and their covers went over just as well. The band was really active too. I think they spent more time running through the crowd trying to get people up to the front to dance than they did on stage! Check out My Juliet on Facebook for more info.

After My Juliet it was time to get our faces melted by The Jeff Carlson Band! With a big back drop and blasts of smoke you could tell these guys were pros. I really wasn't familiar with Jeff and his band going into this, but man, they put on an awesome show and really won me over.

Like My Juliet, Jeff wears his influences on his sleeve. All of the classics were there, the Motley Crue riffs, the Foreigner harmonies, the pop-rock groove of KISS. It was a nice trip through the glory days of rock and roll.

I have to say, while the song was awesome, fairly early on in the set I heard a riff that was really close to "Shout At The Devil". As Jamey Jasta would say "You owe Mick Mars a sandwich". For anyone unfamiliar, Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed preaches that maybe we shouldn't be suing each other for lifted riffs since all music is bred from other music. Maybe the guy or girl who lifted the riff should just buy the original writer a sandwich the next time they're in town, haha.

The second song in the set "Fire", which I believe the band has released as a single, was a really strong number. With a chorus perfect for sing-alongs even the newest fan like myself could join in by the third go-around. Jeff and crew treated the crowd to a good hour of originals and even mixed in some killer covers.

Towards the end of the set Jeff mentioned that Bon Jovi was in town and they were grateful the crowd decided to come and party with them instead. The band pulled out a wicked cover of "It's My Life" and a lot of people made their way to the front to party!

After getting the "One More Song!" chant, Jeff and the band closed things out with a cover of "Lonely Is The Night" by Billy Squier. The room was all smiles as the guys played through an extended jam almost as if they didn't want the night to end.

There may not have been 15,000 fans in the room, but had there been, there's no doubt Jeff and his guys would've rocked the place just the same!

Jeff and his crew continue their tour through May 4. You can catch all of the dates HERE.

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