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Kosha Dillz, Devmo, and Incredible Locals Spit Fire at Reverb Lounge

Reverb Lounge was stacked with hip hop, funk, and soul Thursday night(10/18) when Kosha Dillz rolled through on his “Nobody Cares but You” tour.

I had an awesome time hanging with Kosha and friends Thursday. This was my first time seeing Kosha and I was really impressed. Kosha brought along a fellow L.A. rapper Devmo, but he also received support from locals J.Crum, Big Mista, and Domestic Blend.

I arrived just in time to see local rapper J. Crum and his boys tearing it up playing my favorite song “Hearts Collide”.


These guys bring so much love and positivity, you can’t help but smile. Another highlight toward the end of the set was the upbeat “Winning”. This one had the whole room bouncing! J. thanked everyone for coming out and supporting local music before playing one more banger!

Next up was another local Big Mista.


He had an old school gangster rap style with super deep bass and a lot of call and response. He mentioned that he normally has a DJ, but he was running solo that night. It’s amazing what you can do with just a phone and an aux cord. It was a fun set.

After Big Mista was Kosha Dillz’ tour support Devmo.


Also from L.A., Devmo had an awesome flow and a cool message. A lot of her songs dealt with women’s empowerment and making your way through a male dominated industry.



J.Crum helps Devmo out with some beat boxing.

It was a refreshing change from the typical “check out my big butt” songs coming from most chart topping female rappers. Aside from being a great rapper, she also had jokes! Devmo had such a bubbly personality it helped keep the energy in the room light and fun.

As I mentioned previously, the night was stacked with talent, especially on the local level. Domestic Blend brought the party grooves!



With a nice mix of hip hop, reggae, and soul they had everyone in the room swaying. I had never seen Domestic Blend before, but they’re definitely on my radar now. The guitars wailed, the bass was super funky, and the three part harmonies were on point! I picked up a lot of influences from The Wailers, No Doubt, The Cranberries, and even some Fleetwood Mac. Be on the lookout for these guys, it was a really tight set.

After Domestic Blend the man of the evening Kosha Dillz took the stage. Kosha proceeded to unleash his lyrical genius on the crowd.



There was tons of improvisation and everyone ate it up. He rapped things like “I’m here in the 402” “Can’t wait until I sell out the Waiting Room”, “I’m too quick for the Slowdown”. Many of the freestyle raps went on for a full two minutes! I was seriously impressed. Kosha talked about his relentless touring including Warped Tour dates, solo shows, and support for Lil Dickey. I talked with Kosha before the show and he’s definitely on the DIY path. He runs all of his own touring, social media, and merch. This guy is on the grind and not slowing down. He even did one-handed pushups to get the crowd pumped up!


This show was outside of my alt-rock and metal zone, but I loved every minute of it. Look for Kosha Dillz the next time he’s in a city near you. You won’t regret it!

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