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Local Legends Icky Blossoms Rock The Slowdown for Beer Nebraska 2018


Wow, what an amazing night at the Slowdown! The 2018 Beer Nebraska Festival featuring performances from Mesonjixx, Conny Franko, FREAKABOUT, Icky Blossoms, and Satchel Grande was a huge success.

This year’s festival was a benefit for Rabble Mill. Rabble Mill is the merger of two amazing non-profit organizations, The Bay and Hear Nebraska. After years of collaboration the two groups have joined forces to help the youth of Nebraska by offering access to digital technology, the region’s largest skateboard facility (The Bay in Lincoln), and an all-ages music venue. Their goal is to end generational poverty by helping Nebraska youth discover their passion and grow their talent.

As someone who has found their passion (live music and creative writing), I can tell you this is an amazing opportunity for our youth. I was able to see Mike Smith, founder of Skate For Change (the skateboard division of Rabble Mill) speak at a corporate event a few years ago and it was amazing! I know he truly cares about the youth of Nebraska and I’m excited to see where Rabble Mill goes from here.

Alright, on to the music!

I was able to catch the set from Icky Blossoms and they were absolutely fantastic! There was an electricity filling the room from the very first note, as if to say “Good vibes are on the way.” As soon as Icky’s deep bass and pulsing keyboards fired up, people streamed in from the outdoor beer garden to get a closer look. A good 150 patrons pushed toward the front as the electronic masters started their campaign of dance rock.  The band kicked off the set with “In Folds” from their album “Mask”. During the funky synth breakdown I saw a lot of heads bouncing and fists pumping along.


As Icky blazed through their set, the dance floor was buzzing with all types, from casual head nods to full body freakouts. The rapturous guitar from local renaissance man Nik Fackler had the crowd in a trance. Vocalist Sarah Bohling sounded amazing on her own, but her blended harmonies with Nik and co-vocalist Derek Presnall were on fire!

Icky Blossoms are a true Nebraska treasure. When it comes to local live music they are at the top of my list. If you’re looking to get down with funky synths, face-melting guitar, and pulsing bass, then this is the band for you! Make sure to check them out on all streaming platforms or visit

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