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Mother Mother Serenades Kansas City!

Story and Photos: Haley Mullenix

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Now back to the story.....

Last night (10/3) Indie-pop sensation Mother Mother graced Kansas City on their fall tour with special guests Vundabar and Transviolet. I was super excited to catch this show and feel the buzz Mother Mother has been creating on the indie scene.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to catch the beginning of Transviolet's set, but I got to see the end and they were full of energy! Lead singer Sarah McTaggart had a whimsical voice that countered her bright red chaps and chains. Taking a quick look at their Instagram comments, people who were at the show took time to note how amazing their stage presence was. One fan gushed saying, “I fell in love with you at the KC show!” I also noticed the band made a pit stop at the café where I work which was a fun surprise!

Next up was Vundabar, a trio from Massachusetts. It was their first time in Kansas City, so they took their job of getting the crowd amped up seriously. Their song, “Alien Blues” blew up on TikTok last year, so many in the audience were fans and joined in singing along. Lead singer Brandon Hagen brought forth a palpable energy. He was incredibly energetic and even a bit cheeky sticking his tongue out for the camera. Drew McDonald was on drums and synth and Grayson Kirtland on bass helped tie it all together.

As the lights went down you could feel the electricity in the air. Mother Mother stepped forth to deafening applause. Taking the stage first was Mike Young on bass, followed by Ali Siadat on drums. Lead singer/guitarist Ryan Guldemond was flanked by Jasmine Parkin on keys/vocals to his left and Molly Guldemond on vocals/synth to his right.

They opened the show with their song “Verbatim”, a slow and steady pop jam with quirky lyrics and a sing-talk vibe reminiscent of The Flaming Lips. Later in the set they played their song “Hayloft”, both of which blew up on TikTok despite being released about 10 years prior. This garnered a new global audience for Mother Mother and rapid growth. On top of their popular discography they also included a cover of “Creep” by Radiohead!

Mother Mother put on an amazing show. It felt theatrical yet still very personal. The night was filled with lots of dancing and the melding harmonies of the three singers were beautifully haunting.

I love Mother Mother because they bring something so different to the table. They tell a story in their songs and they’re always witty and enticing. I would 100% recommend checking out their music! The band released a deluxe version of their album Inside at the beginning of the year which is available on all streaming platforms. They also have more tour dates left on this U.S. run so gas up your car and get ready to see an amazing show!

October 6 - St. Louis, MO

October 7 - Chicago, IL

October 10 - New York, NY

October 12 - Boston, MA

October 13 - McKees Rocks, PA

October 14 - Philadelphia, PA

October 15 - Buffalo, NY

October 17 - Washington, DC

October 18 - Raleigh, NC

October 19 - Atlanta, GA

October 21 - Miami Beach, FL

October 22 - St. Petersburg, FL

October 23 - Lake Buena Vista, FL

October 25 - New Orleans, LA

October 26 - Austin, TX

October 28 - Houston, TX

October 29 - Dallas, TX

October 30 - Albuquerque, NM

November 1 - Phoenix, AZ

November 2 - San Diego, CA

November 4 - Las Vegas, NV

November 5 - Los Angeles, CA

November 6 - San Francisco, CA

November 8 - Portland, OR

November 9 - Seattle, WA

I'd like to give a huge thank you to Mother Mother's PR for photo access.

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Mother Mother


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