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Muna Mystifies The Truman!

Story and Photos: Haley Mullenix

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Now back to the story.....

Thursday (10/06) I made my way to The Truman, a local music venue in the Crossroads Arts District here in Kansas City. The small black building sits nestled around pubs, art spaces, and even a rage room! I wouldn’t be breaking anything this night though. MUNA , the indie pop group of your dreams would be headlining a show here with support from Meet Me at the Altar!

As I made my way inside my eyes were drawn to the eclectic styles of the excited fans in line. Many wore fun makeup styles with sparkles and dramatic eyes. Their clothes ranged from frilly and pink, to edgy and punk. Of course there were Doc Martens and platforms galore. I feel like the audience says a lot about a band, so I always appreciate when music can bring people of all walks of life to one room to celebrate.

Soon the curtain to the main floor was drawn and the fans quickly made their way in, rushing the barricade. Taking the stage first was Meet Me at the Altar. I first heard of this all female pop-punk trio when they got signed to Fueled by Ramen back in 2020. It's not often you see bands made entirely of women of color in this genre, so I was ecstatic for them! Coming out with a bang the trio was immediately captivating with lead singer Edith Victoria’s strong vocals and neon green hair. Joining her on drums was Ada Juarez and Téa Campbell on bass. As the trio warmed up the crowd they noted that they were playing lots of new songs. Just last week the band released a new single, “Say It (To My Face)” , a glimpse into their debut album set to release next year.

Later the band told the story of how they met and eventually formed Meet Me at the Altar. Téa and Ada met online after Ada had posted a drum cover of a Twenty One Pilots song. Soon they formed a band and began looking for a singer. Edith auditioned with Paramore’s “All I Wanted” but didn’t get the gig. That is, until two years later. Edith reached out to the then duo persistently saying, “Persistence and denial make a good mix!”, until she eventually joined the band. All I could think after hearing their story was how much of a full circle moment they must have had. Forming the band through music/bands that inspired them, then eventually being signed to the label of those same bands.

Wrapping up their set, the band led the audience in a chant for MUNA. Edith brought it to a close with a vague hand held out in reference to Muna stating, “The power they exude”.

Between sets the audience yelled the words to a range of songs. From “Stacy’s Mom” by Fountains of Wayne to “ICU” by Phoebe Bridgers. This was no surprise though. Bridgers is the Founder of Saddest Factory Records, of which Muna is signed to!

MUNA took the stage with an infectious energy. Jumping and running circles around each other, the trio were hyped and full of smiles. MUNA consists of Katie Gavin on lead vocals, with Naomi McPherson and Josette Maskin both on guitar.

I got the chance to see MUNA this past summer at Hinterland Festival in Iowa, so it was exciting to see them play in a more personal setting. Despite the size change the band still played the 1,200 capacity venue with the same fervor as they did a large festival. All this energy in a MUNA set will keep you on your toes, with lots of little surprises throughout the night. As the set progressed they brought out special guest Caleb Hearon, a comedian and actor from Missouri! They also included a cover of “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers.

Later they took a minute to reminisce on the last time they were in town. Vaguely remembering when they used to hang out after the shows, they were once given a bag of hot Cheetos, Jif peanut butter, and Dove chocolate. Welcome to KC I guess! Josette chimed in with, “Kansas City has done us great!”

Throughout the show the trio created a space for people of all different backgrounds. In their Spotify bio you’ll find the members themselves are described as belonging to queer and minority communities and that they “play for these fellow-travelers above all”. Katie also emphasized the importance of, “the power of young people”. Specifically in regards to the women's rights revolution currently taking place in Iran. I think it's inspiring for people when they can go to a show and see themselves represented or gain a better understanding of the world around them. I personally was able to leave feeling very hopeful and excited to take that energy back out into the world.

MUNA and Meet Me at the Altar put on such a lively show here in Kansas City. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for them both and am anxiously waiting to see what they do next. Check the tour dates below and if you're able to definitely go see these bands!

OCT 10, 2022

House of Blues Houston

Houston, TX

OCT 11, 2022

The Echo Lounge & Music Hall

Dallas, TX

OCT 13, 2022

Meow Wolf

Santa Fe, NM

OCT 15, 2022

Boulder Theater

Boulder, CO

OCT 16, 2022

Gothic Theater

Englewood, CO

OCT 17, 2022

The Depot

Salt Lake City, UT

OCT 19, 2022

The Van Buren

Phoenix, AZ

OCT 23, 2022

The Fillmore

San Francisco, CA

OCT 24, 2022

The Fillmore

San Francisco, CA

OCT 25, 2022

The Wiltern

Los Angeles, CA

OCT 26, 2022

The Wiltern

Los Angeles, CA

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Meet Me at the Altar

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