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On a Friday Night in Benson

Updated: Oct 18, 2022


Benson was bopping Friday night with two killer shows at the Waiting Room and Reverb Lounge.

First, over at Reverb the psychedelic electro-rock group InDreama was throwing down some crazy fuzzed out guitars and pulsing dance beats in anticipation of their new album coming later this year. The band played some fantastic new tracks including the super catchy “Poison House” which is available now on SoundCloud.

While some of InDreama’s material can be really wild and sprawling, the three new tunes showcased a more accessible pop structure reminiscent of Psychedelic Furs, New Order, and the Cure (the happy Cure, not the gothic suicide version). I’m really looking forward to what Nik and the boys are cooking up for this next wave of music. Check out InDreama on Facebook and give them a like so you can keep an eye out for the new record and any upcoming shows. Shout out to Aaron Gum for playing in both InDreama and the opening band Glow in the Dark.


Speaking of Glow in the Dark, I’m glad I got to the Reverb early because these guys were a lot of fun. GITD is a two piece gothic synth-wave group with a focus on both audio and visual immersion. The set started with a video of a creepy guy talking about sexual fantasies. Soon the deep bass and futuristic synth kicked in as new images appeared on the screen behind them. The visuals changed with each song moving from old Simpsons clips to 50s high school propaganda films, to a car driving down a desolate back road. Playing a good half hour, GITD got the crowd moving with their dark-trance dance music.

Next up was Minne Lussa. I liked this band, but unfortunately super low lights and more smoke than a KISS concert made it almost impossible to shoot. If you’re a fan of dream-pop shoegazey alternative then give them a look.

After a few songs from Minne Lussa I popped over to the Waiting Room and caught a few songs of Bennie Does Bowie V. For those unfamiliar, Bennie and the Gents are a local tribute band specializing in classic rock tunes. Over the past couple years Bennie has done several shows focusing on the music of David Bowie. I caught them around the same time last year and I was blown away. I was really happy I was able to see them again this year. These guys do such justice to the space oddity’s legacy.


Typically when you see a tribute band they can get across about 85% of the songs but they may be missing a certain instrument or backing track so it doesn’t fully capture the essence of the original. With Bennie, they have backup singers, keyboards, and even horns! Bennie was firing on all cylinders as they ripped through some of Bowie’s best. Of the songs I caught, my favorites were “All the Young Dudes” and “Space Oddity.” Make sure to follow Bennie and the Gents on Facebook so you can catch their next show!

Thanks to 1% Productions for putting together two great shows in the heart of Benson. I’m constantly in awe of the amazing local talent Omaha has to offer. I’m grateful for our scene and the ability to capture these wonderful moments. Additional shout out to Nik Fackler and InDreama for the guest spot! Photo galleries below.

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Glow in the Dark


Bennie and the Gents



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