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Seether, 10 Years, & The Dead Deads Pack the Bourbon Theatre

When Seether announced a Lincoln date for their Poison the Parish tour a little less than a month ago I was a bit skeptical. They already had a date scheduled for Omaha (Sokol Auditorium 8/7) which has been on sale for months. Why would a band add a date to a nearby city when the first city isn’t even close to selling out? Because 700 tickets, that’s why! That’s right, over 700 people packed The Bourbon Theatre on a Monday night for Seether, 10 Years, and The Dead Deads. It’s pretty astonishing considering the promoter only had 28 days to make it happen.

Despite some HVAC issues everyone seemed to have a great time. All three bands had awesome sets starting with my new favorite band The Dead Deads. These girls and one guy from Nashville, TN were awesome! They had crazy plastic aliens on stage and martian saucer backdrops. Every member had X’s painted over their eyes, which was totally wild, giving them a spaced out 70s vibe.


Each song varied from heavy metallic riffs, to jangle-pop, to straight up punk rock which put the crowd in a frenzy. The set had a nice mix of old and new material, including three songs that haven’t even been released yet! Needless to say, the band absolutely killed it. I could easily see them headlining the next time they are in Lincoln or Omaha.


The Dead Deads mentioned that they played the Bourbon three years ago with regional favorites Shaman’s Harvest. That note was met with loud cheers of approval. Shaman’s Harvest are some road dogs. Earlier on I thought they were a local band with how many times they played Omaha and Lincoln. I love seeing hard working bands like these guys. They talked to every fan, took pictures, and signed anything the fans asked for. The music industry is crazy right now with soundcloud rappers, youtube stars, etc. With everything these guys do for the fans, they are the true rock stars!


Speaking of fans, The Dead Deads sure do attract a crazy bunch! Named The Dead Corps the fans will paint X’s on their faces in different variations. I saw a few of them running around in the crowd. I was able to catch up with Steven from Omaha. He said he had been following the Dead Deads for a little over three years now. The band was super nice giving him a big hug and taking pictures. He said he was going to hit the show in Omaha at Sokol tonight (8/7), true dedication! This is how empires are built, one fan at a time!

Next up was fellow Tennesseans 10 Years from Knoxville. I’ve known about 10 years for well, years now but somehow I’ve never caught them before. Wow, I’m glad I got to see them finally! They put on an awesome show. I totally forgot how many hits they have. I feel like the first seven songs in the set were radio singles or at least songs that our local station 89.7 The River has played before.


Smoke filled the air as singer Jesse Hasek and crew stepped on stage. Like most front men, Jesse stood out wearing a full white suit, black hood, and black gloves like a dapper burglar. “Shoot it shoot it out cause they want it want it now!” Man, just bringing the hits right off the bat! “Shoot it out” is my personal favorite. I was so stoked to see this one up close.


10 Years played for almost an hour pulling out old songs like “Through the Iris” and “Fix Me” to newer songs “Novacaine” and “Ghosts” from How to Live as Ghosts. I have to be honest the hook in “Novacaine” is a little silly, but that song is a banger! It’s so catchy, you better believe I was singing every word.


After a short break it was time for the legendary Seether! The stage was lit in all red as Shaun Morgan and company entered the room. They had a unique stage setup. You would think Shaun’s mic would’ve been setup center stage being that he is the lead vocalist, but he was actually stage right. Before the band came onstage I did notice a full circle of monitors in that spot. I guess that makes sense if that’s where the main vocals were coming from!


Seether sounded great! There were a lot of tracks from their latest release “Poison the Parish” during the first half of the set, including “Let You Down”. When the song was first released late last year there was some contraversy surrounding whether the song was actually a rip-off of “Stinkfist” from Tool. I can see the similarites, especailly the vocal layout of “You’ve got me feelin like an animal!” Who knows? Maybe it was inspired by Tool? It’s still a great song.


Like 10 Years, Seether has a lot of hits. Almost every song in the set was a single! Man, time flies! I feel like it was just yesterday when “Disclaimer” came out. Hopefully we’ll see many more Seether albums to come.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be at the Sokol show tonight (8/7) getting more pics and Stories From The Crowd! Watch out for a new article tomorrow (8/8).

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