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Sevendust Gets Down at The Bourbon Theatre

Metal rockers Sevendust hit the Bourbon Theatre Monday night (10/1), and it was quite the spectacle! With support from Omaha’s Save The Hero and Lincoln’s A Different Breed, the nearly sold-out crowd received a generous dose of rock and metal on an otherwise dreary Monday.


Before I get into the review I’d like to give a huge shout out to Mammoth Productions for the photo pass. Getting to shoot photos for bands that I love is truly an honor. Thanks for making it happen Mammoth!

Lincoln locals A Different Breed were up first. They played loud, heavy, and in your face! They sounded pretty good. I picked up influences from Slayer, Cannibal Corpse, and Motley Crue. At one point they played a riff that was eerily close to “I’m Broken” by Pantera. They definitely had a unique look, from beards and large gauge ears to overalls with no shirts, these guys were all over the place. I saw a lot of people getting pumped though, so they get a thumbs up from me!

Next was Omaha’s Save The Hero.

First off, they had a custom bass drum with the band logo, so you know they’re legit. Second, they had an awesome sound which varied from blues rock, metal, and garage rock. They also had jokes. After the second song they started to tease a cover of Sevendust’s “Praise”. I was hoping they were actually going to do it! They said they wouldn’t do it justice. I suppose it does go against the unofficial rock n roll code.

They did however do a pretty good job with a cover of Imagine Dragon’s “Believer”. I had a great time watching them warm up the crowd and afterward a lot of people were getting pictures with the band. I’ll definitely hit them up the next time they are playing a local show.

After a short break it was time for the gang from Georgia, Sevendust to hit the stage! Childish Gambino’s “This is America” played over the sound system as smoked filled the room. The strobes flashed as one by one the band stepped out. The front row was going crazy chanting “Sevendust! Sevendust!” Last but not least, Lajon slides to the microphone decked out in camo gear and gator shoes as the band kicked into “Dirty” from their latest release All I See Is War.


These guys were really fun to watch. Even though they were rocking some really heavy tunes, I saw so many smiles from everyone on stage and they genuinely looked like they were having a blast.


The crowd skewed a bit older, but I still saw several people moshing and bouncing especially in the first couple rows. Sevendust knows how to get the people moving!


Sevendust is currently on tour supporting prog-rockers Clutch so this was a one-off show for the group. Lajon said when the band was asked if they would do an off -day show in Lincoln, they responded “Of course, we love Lincoln!” The crowd responded, loudly!

The band covered a variety of their catalog including a few cuts from their newest release and old favorites like “Praise” and “Enemy”. I’ve always liked Sevendust but I never got too deep into their catalog, so these were definitely highlights for me.


Overall, it was an awesome show. I look forward to seeing those guys again and being that they are true road dogs I’m sure I’ll get the chance. The band has been steadily touring since May of this year and is out with Clutch until late October. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another Midwest show possibly Omaha or KC in early 2019. Make sure to catch them the next time they come around!

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