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Sir Sly Slays at The Waiting Room


Sir Sly is quickly becoming one of the hottest bands around! Their latest single “&Run” just hit number one on the alternative charts and their current headline run has been selling out night after night. Omaha was no exception when the band rolled through The Waiting Room Thursday. Sir Sly brought along fellow indie rockers In The Valley Below to warm the crowd up and they did a fantastic job. Both bands had the crowd moving and shaking all night.

I arrived shortly before the doors opened and spoke with a few people in line. One younger gentleman Robert, noticed my shirt and asked if I was the writer for Stories From The Crowd. I was completely blown away! He said he had heard the blog mentioned several times during Amplified Afternoons with Corey on 89.7 The River. I told him indeed I was the writer for Stories From The Crowd. We talked about shows we had been to and he let me know there is hardly a show he goes to where he doesn’t get a set list and he has a pretty big collection going. Robert said he would send me a copy of Sir Sly’s set list and I was very grateful. You can find the set list at the bottom of the article.

After getting inside I snapped a few pictures of the stage. While I was shooting, I overheard a girl behind me say she had camped out for 30 hours one time for a show. I quickly turned around and said “I’m sorry, but did you say you camped out for 30 hours to see a band?” Kennedy smiled and said “Yes, I camped out for 30 hours to be in the front row at 21 Pilots”. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve camped out for maybe 4 hours to be in the front row at Green Day (which totally paid off by the way, I’ll save that story for another time), and I’ve camped out for maybe 7 to 8 hours at 311 Day shows, but 30 hours? That’s insane. Kennedy and her friend Sam said 21 Pilots were crazy good live though, so maybe waiting all that time for an up front spot is worth it. I’ll have to catch them next time they’re in town and let you know. I told her if I want to be up front that bad I’ll just push through. Kennedy was very polite and said “No, I follow concert etiquette”. I said

All is fair in love and concerts!


Kennedy and Sam were a good hang. We talked about all the awesome shows we’ve seen and it really helped to pass the time. The house lights went down and it was time for the show! The first band up In The Valley Below really got the place going! They had a bit of an Arcade Fire vibe hitting on a lot of different sounds throughout their set. Singer Angela stepped out in a black vinyl dress and black army boots, almost like an ode to Shirley Manson. The exact opposite, Singer/Guitarist Jeffrey resembled Barry Gibb in an all white suit with long hair and beard. Once he started playing though you could tell this was not the Bee Gees. His guitar skills ripped! He reminded me a bit of Tim Mahoney from 311. It was probably just the long hair and beard, but he hit some high guitar notes and really noodled about, similar to Mahoney during a few songs. Singer Angela moved a lot throughout the set switching from bass, synth, and even chains. Angela and Jeffrey’s voices melted together producing a soulful synth pop sound. I really enjoyed their set and got to meet the band after the show. I told them I was bummed that I missed them when they played the No Coast Festival a few years back, but I was glad I was able to catch their set this time around.


Shortly after In The Valley Below it was time for headliners Sir Sly. Corey from 89.7 The River was on hand to introduce the band and thanked everyone for coming out and supporting live music! Dressed in red and black striped pants and a black fedora he could’ve said “Hey, I’m Sir Sly and I’m here to rock your face off!” There’s a good chance the majority of the crowd would’ve bought it! Lol! Corey’s the best. Give his Facebook page Amplified Afternoons a look when you get a chance. Shortly after Corey, the band’s crew removed a curtain on the back of the stage to reveal a giant light up brain! It was a pretty neat prop and something I had never seen before.

Sir Sly kicked the night off with a brand new song “Pressure” from their forthcoming third album, which singer Landon says is in the works now. The band kept the set really tight and blazed through the first 5 songs. There were a few slow numbers mixed in, but for the most part, everyone was bouncing along to upbeat rhythms and funky bass lines.

I was really impressed that both bands had multiple instrument changes throughout their set. Sir Sly bass player Jason Suwito hopped around from bass to keyboards to acoustic guitar. Singer Landon played guitar and sang pop melodies, but also rapped for a song or two. Sir Sly’s sound is hard to pin down. They had a good mix of rock, indie, pop, alternative, and even hip-hop.


Towards the end of the set Landon explained that shortly after the band’s first album was released his mom had been diagnosed with brain cancer. I assume that’s where the giant brain comes in. Unfortunately, his mom passed shortly after her diagnosis and he was having suicidal thoughts. His marriage had fallen apart and things were really rough for some time. Landon said the greatest thing that helped him through his trials was being with his two bandmates and creating new music together. It was a really awesome moment that I’m glad I was able to be a part of.


Keeping the momentum going, Sir Sly ended the set with their monstrous hit “&Run”. I looked around and I don’t think I saw one person who wasn’t singing along. It’s definitely one catchy tune. Towards the beginning of Sir Sly’s set Landon said “We want to be the biggest band in the world someday!” If they keep bringing it like they did Thursday night, I have no doubt that they’re well on their way.

Set List:

Pressure Gold Fun Altar You Haunt Me Too Far Gone Astronaut Change 2AM Oh Mama Ghost High &Run

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