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Static-X Celebrates 20 Years of Wisconsin Death Trip


The Bourbon Theatre was beaming with positive vibes Saturday night (10/7) as a sold out crowd came together to celebrate the life of Wayne Static, founding member of industrial metal band Static-X. Wayne’s tragic death in 2004 left a void in the metal community that many thought could never be filled. Luckily, the remaining members of Static-X were able to forge ahead with a new mystery singer Xer0.

So far, the band has played several successful shows with Xer0 and the reviews have been coming in positive. I was a bit skeptical of how the band might sound given Wayne was an integral part of their formation and success, but I’m happy to report it was a great show!

Not only was the show in honor of Wayne, but some of the proceeds went to a local charity, the Action Network which helps impoverished families in Lincoln and surrounding areas. How cool is that? It was a great way to honor Wayne’s legacy and help the people of Lincoln in a big way.

The bill had two openers before Static-X, goth band Wednesday 13 and fellow industrial rockers Dope.


Wednesday 13 kept the crowd on their feet with several different styles of rock and accompanying costume changes. Lead singer Wednesday started out with a freaky mannequin head, then took out a giant knife to cut the mannequin, then came out with a giant pitchfork and cape. Next, he moved on to a backwards mask with dripping glowing paint going down his back. It was all pretty unsettling especially being so close, but I’m pretty sure that’s what the band was going for. Wednesday and his band played a good ten songs before thanking the crowd for coming out.

Next up was the band Dope. I was pretty excited for these guys since I used to see them all the time when I was in high school at the Ranch Bowl. It had been a long time since I last saw Dope, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but they came out swinging! Lead singer Edsel looked and sounded great! Dressed in some sweats and a muscle shirt he was loose and ready to get down.


Dope opened with some of their newer material and I noticed a lot of folks in the front singing and bouncing along. It was cool to see that Dope still has an active following. Edsel mentioned that Dope was also celebrating a 20 year album anniversary with their self-titled debut. The band played a string of hits from the album including “Everything Sucks.” “Debonair,” and “Sick.”

Edsel did a great job playing up the nostalgia too. He said “Back when these songs came out you were probably still in high school chillin in your parents house.” Everyone cheered. “You all just admitted you’re freaking old, haha!”

It’s true. I was totally living with my parents when Dope’s first album came out. I had a flashback of JNCO jeans, chain wallets, and ball-chain necklaces. Good times.

Dope ended their set with the ever-popular Dead or Alive cover “You Spin Me (Right Round)” and the crowd ate it up!

After a long break the lights went out and the L.E.D. boards lit up. Slowly, they started to form a flashing Static-X logo. The crowd cheered so loudly with anticipation I was honestly a bit nervous they might break down the barrier!


Static-X stepped out and the place went nuts! The band kicked the set off with “Bled for Days” from Wisconsin Death Trip, followed by seven more tracks from the same album.

Taking a break from Wisconsin Death Trip, Static-X played one of my absolute favorites “Get to the Gone” the opening track from 2001’s Machine, complete with the “Bien Venidos” intro. If you haven’t heard it, do yourself a favor and check it out. The opening polka on “Bien Venidos” sounds so ridiculous on a Static-X album, but it quickly drops out and goes right into a screaming Wayne Static. It fits together so perfectly and makes for an awesome album opener.

Static-X kept the hits coming including “Black and White, ” “This is Not,” and “Cold” before finishing the night off with their two biggest hits from Wisconsin Death Trip “I’m With Stupid” and “Push It.”

It really was quite the spectacle and all three bands turned in killer performances. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to see Wayne several times when he was alive. I hope this new formation of Static-X can continue and maybe even record a new album. I know Wayne would be happy with what they’ve already accomplished. Judging by the sold-out crowd I’m sure the fans are too.

Huge thanks to Static-X’s PR TAG Publicity for setting up photo access!

Photo galleries can be found below.

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