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There’s a Fever Coming


The Fever 333 has been hitting the road hard this summer working the festival circuit in support of their new E.P. “Made An America”. When I reported on The Fever 333 a few months back they had just signed with RoadRunner Records and Made An America had just dropped. Since then, the band has made appearances on late night television and played several big name festivals such as Carolina Rebellion and Northern Invasion.

Following in the footsteps of their punk rock/hip-hop brethren Rage Against The Machine, The Fever 333 is attempting to use music as a platform for social change. According to lead singer Jason AAlon Butler, the 333 in The Fever 333 comes from the third letter of the alphabet C times 3 “Community, Charity, and Change.” In previous interviews, Jason has stated that a portion of proceeds from every “demonstration” or show the band puts on goes to a local charity. It’s an admiral gesture, but it’s also smart. The Fever 333’s target audience, teens to younger millennials have a strong passion for social change but are also looking to find their place in the world.

As a former youth, I can tell you there’s no better place to find community and acceptance than a rock concert.

If the kids can have fun rocking out but also walk away with a passion for serving in their community, even better!

One advantage The Fever 333 has over Rage Against The Machine is the prevalence of social media. The Fever 333 has really been making a splash on Facebook and Instagram posting footage from their shows and the wild fan participation they’ve been experiencing. As I’ve looked through the comment sections I’ve seen fan after fan saying how incredible the live show was and that they’re down with the 333 for life. I have to say I’ve listened to the Made An America E.P. several times now (it’s a pretty quick spin at 18 minutes total!) and I’m super excited to see The Fever 333 not once, but twice next week. The band is playing a headline show at the Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, NE on 5/23 and supporting The Used and Red Sun Rising on 5/24 at Sokol Auditorium in Omaha, NE. Tickets are still available for both shows.

If you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet, do yourself a favor and grab a ticket to one of these shows or at the very least give the new E.P. a play. I guarantee you this band will be blowing up over the next few years, they’re already well on their way! These two shows will do down as legendary. You don’t want to find yourself in line at one of their arena shows behind the guy who says “I saw these dudes at a tiny club in Lincoln, NE, it was so sick bro”. So get out there and get in the pit!

Check back next week for reviews and fan reactions from both Fever 333 shows.

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